The Reading Family & A Rainy Day

      The past week’s spring-like weather is gone.  Today is cloudy and windy and heavy rain is anticipated this afternoon.  Perfect weather for a reading family.  The wood stove holds a cheery fire and we each have a small stack of books at our side.  My kids have books by Fitzgerald, Tolkien,Wodehouse, Cleary and […]

Now, Where Was I?

     Where was I?  Oh, yes, holding my plans loosely.  I’m still there.  Or is that here?  In either case, life is very, very full, which is not a bad thing.       Dani’s continuing to be sick, complete with running a high fever and a trip to the clinic for a chest x-ray yesterday to […]

Out of Africa

     One of the new categories I added to my reading basket this year is one I’m calling “classic fiction”.  I can’t really give you the criteria I’m using to determine which books might fit into this category, but the books I’ve already queued up in that category to read this year are: Out of Africa , […]

Loosey Goosey?

          What do I always say?  What is my most oft typed phrase?  As I visit your blogs, what is the one Copperswife quote I read most often?  Repeat after me, “Hold your plans loosely.”            It has been an incredible season here for holding plans loosely.  Illness after illness has run […]