Loosey Goosey?

     What do I always say?  What is my most oft typed phrase?  As I visit your blogs, what is the one Copperswife quote I read most often?  Repeat after me, “Hold your plans loosely.” 

     It has been an incredible season here for holding plans loosely.  Illness after illness has run through my home.  My husband is the only one that has not been sick for, what seems like, months on end.  We attribute his healthy immune system to all of the horrible things that I’m sure he is exposed to on a daily basis at the county jail.  (Just the thought actually makes me shudder!).


     The plans made for this school year, hashed out and sweated over during the month of August, have certainly been helpful in helping us to get back on track after each illness.  I cannot imagine where we would be if those plans were not in place, carefully tucked into binders, for me to refer to when I’m not feeling my best, or when it’s been over a week since anyone was well enough to do any school work. 

     Dani has had the opportunity to be out of town for a couple of days every week for the last three weeks.  I’m so happy that she was able to go, but we miss her when she’s gone.  I do, of course, know that one day she will leave our home for a home of our own.  For now, though, she is a member of this household, and anytime one of us is gone for any length of time, the balance is off just a bit, causing us to shift our routine and responsibilities. 

     I think it’s really important to set goals, both long term and short term, and to make plans for the days, weeks and months of your year.  Failure to plan is planning to fail, right?  Of course, right!  I spent many hours in late December and early January setting goals and making plans for the year.  Lord willing, a good percentage of those plans will come to fruition by year’s end.  However, providence has a way of causing plans to change, or to be postponed or, at the very least, re-prioritized.

     One example:  I set three home improvement goals for my home for the year.  Aaron’s bathroom was slated for the first project.  We already have a good portion of the items needed for the project, and the bathroom is small.  It would have been a fairly quick, inexpensive project.  I am grateful that I have learned to hold my plans loosely, allowing other needful things to take precedence, because…..
      My boys’ bedroom furniture fell apart.  My husband has repaired all of the dresser drawers several times, and finally declared that they are now beyond repair.  My “boys” are fast becoming men – Aaron is over six feet tall, and my “baby” is almost as tall as I am.  The upper bunk was no longer adequate to support Aaron, and the slats of the lower bunk were beginning to show signs of wear, too.  One day, about a month ago, my husband decided that we should see about purchasing something sturdier and more practical for them.  We were blessed to find exactly what we wanted, on sale, at a time when the store was paying the sales tax for the customer.  The furniture (a pair of captain’s beds, with four drawers and a cabinet under each, and a night stand) was ordered, and it finally arrived this week.  Dani found new bedding for the guys, a set that is just about perfect for the look we wanted, at Target on clearance!  Love that girl’s keen eye for a bargain!

     The boys’ room has now been made the first project of the year.  Our My Points gift cards to Home Depot will get the ball rolling next week as we buy the lumber so that my husband can begin building the window and door trim for their room.  We’ll follow up with paint, new blinds and a few other things.  I’ll share our progress as it is made.

     I also set some “creativity” goals for the year.  I love sewing.  I love knitting.  I like embroidery and a few other crafts.  Most years, because I’ve not set goals, not a whole lot of creating gets done!  My good friend, Bren, whom I’ve never met in real life but hope to, really encouraged me this year, as we worked on our goals for the year at the same time but thousands of miles apart, to set some creativity goals.  (Oh, my!  The grammar police will have a field day with that last sentence!).  So, I set some creativity goals, and I was well on the way toward meeting some of the short term “deadlines” when I caught yet another virus.  I’ve been able re-set some of those creativity goals, and I hope to finish up one project yet this weekend – but I’ll not lament if it doesn’t quite happen.

     I would like to apologize for my delay in getting the rest of the February holiday posts up.  I’m still hoping to get to all of them, but I realize that I may only be able to flesh out one or two more.  I am so sorry that they aren’t already up.  I know, though, that you understand that I must first look well to the ways of my own household, making sure that all of my responsibilities here are taken care of.  If you missed the prior posts, you will find Groundhog Day here and Chinese (Lunar) New Year here
     You see, there is no point in fretting over the things that cannot be helped.  Still, I do not mean to say that your plans are not important, and that you make them in a “loosey goosey” manner, caring not whether those plans are ever completed. 

      In my own home, as well as in the lives of a few close friends, this year has already been a year that has seen carefully laid plans set aside.  Illness.  New jobs.  Failed marriages.  Lengthy hospital stays.  New babies – those that have arrived or those still growing safely tucked inside their mother’s wombs.  All of these have, in one way or another, changed plans.  I’m still praying that the plans made for the year come to fruition, but I know that in God’s economy they may not. 

     The one thing I cling to, the one thing that never changes, is God’s love for His own.  Come what may, I rest in that!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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5 comments to Loosey Goosey?

  • Wonderful post.  I make so many plans too, but life intervenes so often :).  You are also such an inspiration and I think you for directing me back to to the LORD! Blessings for a wonderful weekend IN HIM.

  • Glad you’re checking in.  I always enjoy your posts.  I feel refreshed.

    Praying the winter sickeness leaves your home soon.

    Blessings~  Beth

  • I’m sorry it’s been such a difficult year for your family! Spring is just around the corner and hopefully will bring with it good health! I love the note you ended on. My pastor was just encouraging me along the same lines this morning…reminding ourselves of God’s love in the midst of difficult times. Oh.. how He loves us!

  • Great update Cheryl. Thank you

    You say (a pair of captain’s beds, with four drawers and a cabinet under each, – Can you post some more photos showing how this works.
    We call a bed like this with drawers underneath a divan bed. But I can’t imagine a cabinet under it?

    Hope you are all getting on top of the illness’ now.
    No fun.
    But as we always say – plans are made to be altered

  • Hello Dear Friend,

    Sounds like you have been busy. When I show God my plans He just laughs. 🙂 I am learning that to let go and just follow Him. I pray your family is all well soon.