Back On Our Feet

      We are, bit by bit, day by day, getting back on our feet.  Oh, it’s been a long season of illness here, unlike any other year we’ve ever had.  Of the five of us, Dani and I have been the sickest the longest, which is again, very uncharacteristic for our family.  I’ve prayed and looked for what the Lord has had for us during this season, resting in Him, trusting in Him.  I am thankful that it seems like we may, at long last, be on the tail end of this series of one virus after another.
     I am thankful, too, that there has never been a time that Dani and I were both completely down at the same time.  In His providence and grace, the Lord allowed one of us to remain functioning so that the cooking and the basic needs of the household were always taken care of.  I know that I was especially thankful for my Dani-girl on those days that I was down for the count!  What a blessing she is to me!

      Thank you, dear ones, for your prayers and emails and notes of encouragement, and for all of the good advice sent our way.  Your vitamin recommendations and home remedies and, most of all, your sweet prayers for our health were so appreciated.  We do try to keep our health maintained as naturally as we can, but there are times when medications are required and we are pleased to live in an era where they are readily available!

     One blessing that came as a result of all the sickness was the hours that I was able to curl up on the couch in front of the wood stove, or recline propped up on the pillows on my bed, and read!  Time spent in the Bible has been precious, and so comforting.  I’ve also been able to finish eight books since the first of the year, and I’ve started a few more.  Biography and fiction seem to be the categories that I’ve read the most from, but I’m also deep into some other books, too.  You can follow my progress in the side bar.  Here are my latest reviews: 
Father to Nobody’s Children and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society for those that enjoy them, with more to follow soon.

     Homeschooling is getting back to being fully on track.  The boys have worked throughout our various illnesses, but some subjects were allowed to fall by the wayside.  You know, ladies, as homeschooling moms, you do have the liberty to take care of yourself when you are sick.  Whatever homeschool time is “lost”, or whichever subjects were not fully covered, the lost ground can quickly be retaken when you are well again.  After twenty-one years of homeschooling, I can confidently tell you that this is a fact!  So if you’re sick, take care of yourself.  You will be much better equipped to educate your children when you are whole again.  Allow them to play quietly while you rest.  Let them rediscover the pleasure of flipping through books just to look at the pictures.  Pull out a video, if necessary.  It’s okay!  Truly!

     That doesn’t mean that my students are necessarily enjoying the return to full school days.  On the contrary!  Our sinful nature always goads us to desire the easy path rather than the narrow way, and the same is true for our children. 


     For example, I am sure that my husband would much rather have spent his day sitting in the sand on a warm beach than sloshing through the sticky, wet muck working on our asparagus bed, cutting the suckers from the fruit trees in our orchard and pruning our grape vines .  Ah, but a day on that beach would not do anything toward the bearing of fruit in the orchard or vineyard or the harvesting of tender shoots of asparagus.  He could even have stayed in today, warm and comfortable by the wood stove.  That would have been easier.  Easier, yes, but not productive. 


     We homeschool for academic reasons, yes; but even more, we homeschool as a means of discipling our children in the ways of the Lord.  We are striving to teach our children that walking the narrow path is where the harvest is to be found.  Easy?  Nope!  Fruitful?  Lord willing!

  Copper spent the last couple of weeks crafting the wood trim around the windows and doors in the boys’ room.  We cashed in our Home Depot gift cards, earned through My Points, to buy the wood for most of the trim. 


The windows and doors are being trimmed to match the woodwork that Dani designed for her own room a few years ago.  It’s lovely, really, and my husband is doing a nice job of duplicating the woodwork in the boys’ room.  We’re working hard at earning more points so that we can buy paint and baseboard to complete the project.  (If you’re interested in earning gift cards through My Points, I would be blessed if you’d allow me to invite to to the program.  If you join through my invitation, I’ll earn a few extra points!   Send me an email (copperswifeATfrontierDOTcom) if you’re interested.)

     Illness has caused me to fall behind in a few of the areas I set goals in.  That’s okay!  I’m not giving up on anything!  Instead, I’m just revamping my goals and setting some new, intermediate dates for reaching some of those goals.  I did not finish either of the projects I’d hoped to complete for Valentine’s Day, but that’s okay!  I chose the fabric for my table runner so that the reverse side was not Valentine themed.  I will finish it up soon and we’ll enjoy the reverse side for a few weeks before putting it away for next February.  Also, as it turns out, I wasn’t happy with the way my Valentine garland was going to turn out.  Not finishing it this year has allowed me to change the design to make it more to my liking.  I’ve put it aside, for now, but it will not disappear from my creativity goals.  Instead, I’ll give myself a breather, enjoy another project or two, and then I’ll pull it out and work on it later.


     In the meantime, I’ve done some work straightening, cleaning and organizing our tiny little sewing nook.  I’m loving these vintage jars, brought home from my mother-in-love’s house, filled with buttons on the shelf!
     It feels good to be back on my feet again.  My strength and stamina improve daily, and I’m enjoying being able to once again look well to the ways of my household!

     And have you heard? 
Grandbaby #6 is due in a few months!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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4 comments to Back On Our Feet

  • Cheryl,

    Congratulations on the newest grandbaby on it’s way! I pray that y’all will contiue to improve health wise!!!

    Love, Heather

  • Congratulations!  Steph’s #5 is due in May and they know it is a girl… that will make girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.  πŸ™‚

    I don’t remember a winter with so much sickness here, either.  Dealing with a chronic illness, I can get things done by doing them a little at a time each day.  However, everything this winter left me completely wiped out.

    Our garage always gets unorganized in the winter (we use it for storage since we don’t have a basement or attic).  This year it looks like a cyclone went through it.  The Christmas things have not even been put back on shelves.

    Much affection!

  • So glad that you are on the mend and rejoicing with you over the blessing of another little one joining your family. πŸ™‚

  • Cheryl –

    I found you through Elizabeth at Turtle Cottage…this is a wonderful place to visit! I’m glad you and yours are on the mend and look forward to reading here more.