Tradition!  I love that word!  It’s hard for me to say it, or even read it, without the song from Fiddler on the Roof popping into my head.  Tradition! 
     Traditions are part of what set one family apart from another.  Our celebrations of holidays, the way we welcome new members into our families, the manner in which we set apart the Lord’s Day each week, these are all traditions we keep in our homes.  My family’s traditions will not look like yours.  My husband and I have developed traditions for our family over almost 32 years of marriage.  Though some of our traditions are patterned after the traditions we grew up with, most are quite different.  But our traditions are important aspects of our family life.
      I recently finished Noel Piper’s Treasuring God in Our Traditions , and it was lovely!  Mrs. Piper encourages us to define what traditions are and to treasure them for the prizes they are.  What is a tradition?  Why are they important?  And what do our traditions teach our children? 
     The things we do every day can be, and are, traditions just as much as the way we observe holidays and other extraordinary events in our families.  I found Mrs. Piper’s chapters on these everyday traditions just as valuable as her chapters on special and ultimate traditions (Christmas, Easter, weddings, funerals, etc.). 
     The book is brief, running just 114 pages plus a few pages of resources, but it is packed full of wisdom.  Noel Piper, wife for thirty years to Pastor John Piper, is also the mother of five.  She has plenty of experience from which to teach.  Her writing is warm and encouraging.  As a bonus, the book also contains several pieces of poetry written by John Piper for various occasions in their family’s history.
     I’ll keep this little book handy to pull off the shelf as we approach various events and holidays in the coming years.  Not to copy her ideas, though there are certainly some wonderful Piper family traditions presented; but I plan to refer to various chapters for encouragement and motivation as I maintain current traditions in my home, and seek to implement new ones. 
     Noel Piper’s Treasuring God in Our Traditions ( * * * * *)

     Please remember that I think it is vitally important that your are reading!!  The Bible first and foremost, and that daily; but do not underestimate the importance of reading other books.  Please read this post for more information and to understand why I think it is so very important that you have a good book or two to read at all times.

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God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 


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1 comment to Tradition!

  • Stephanie bought me this book a couple years ago when Desiring God ministry had a huge sale going on.  I loved this book.

    Right now, it is on the shelf with my recipe books because it contains one of their family recipes I want to try.  🙂

    It has been fun to see how my daughter is carrying on some traditions with her family and beginning new ones.  They have a “family altar” at least a few times a week where Dad reads from the Bible and then they sing favorite hymns and choruses while he plays guitar.  I always wanted to do something like that but it never worked out.