I’m Not One……

     I’m not one to run to the doctor or pharmacy for every little thing.  I like to let fevers do their work and allow viruses to run their course.  However, today I’m thankful for many things in my William’s life.

     I’m thankful for:

  • A much-beloved pediatrician who opens up an appointment when she is, technically, not in the office
  • An eleven year old son that tells the doctor how crummy he feels with a big smile on his face that even the doctor appreciated
  • In-office breathing treatments that open up the airways and reduce the asthma wheeze enough that the doctor can hear the pneumonia lurking in Will’s lungs
  • Blood-oxygen levels over 94%
  • Antibiotics, Steroids and Albuterol that will knock the pneumonia and clear up the asthma
  • Hearing that much-beloved pediatrician, who is also my grandbabies’ doctor, talk about what sweet, polite children they are, and who was tickled when she heard another grandbaby is on the way
  • My cell phone that allows me to call my husband and daughters to fill them in while I’m still waiting at the pharmacy
  • A safe drive home on a traffic filled Friday afternoon

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to I’m Not One……

  • Uhhh, did you get him a Dr. Pepper for his woes?  I think he needs a Dr. Pepper, because “YOOOOU SAID I COULD HAVE THE DR.PEPPER AND IF YOOOU SAID…” 

  • A Dr. Pepper and a large fry, thankyouverymuch, especially given the doc’s approval to let him have whatever tastes good.

  • Great to hear Will’s getting additional treatment for his asthma. I to have asthma

    so I know how he feels. Pneumonia and bronchitis  like to beat up me every so often.I have learned when I must call the Dr.It takes very little time to get sick and alot longer to feel great again. Prayers are will Will.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I will say prayers for Will this week. I hope he feels much better soon. A DP and fries sounds like just what the dr ordered. I love my comfort food too when i am sick.

    I haven’t loaded much on my Zune yet. I the 2nd book from the 100 Cupboard Books on CD I am listening too. I want to get 100 Cupboards to put on my Zune. Where do you find downloads?I would love some good music for mine.

    Have a wonderful week end.



  • I love that boy!  And that doctor! (who I realized I hadn’t told we were expecting again until you just posted)  And drugs when they’re needed!  And that phone call saying that he’d finally be on the mend!  And that you got home alright through the traffic!  And Dr. Pepper and french fries!   And exclamation points!!!

  • @elizabethq – Most of my books I’ve downloaded have been purchased from audible.com  , but I’ve run across some free ones here and there, too.   Most of my music I’ve added to my Zune by ripping from CD’s that I own, but I’ve purchased some mp3 through Amazon and Napster, too.   The podcasts are either from the Zune Marketplace (and they’re all free ones that I download), or they’re downloaded free from the various ministries or radio show web sites.  The video sermons I download all come from Mars Hill.  They’re easy to upload to your Zune!