Broken-Down House

     Copper and I moved into our present home, a much-longed for home in the country, twelve years ago.  Though the house had been custom built and was only about ten years old, it was a fixer-upper.  Twelve years later, we are still fixing up!  Because the previous owners did not take care of items of routine maintenance,  their little problems developed into big, expensive problems.  We are doing our best to reclaim, renew and restore, but the process sometimes feels like one step forward, two steps back.  Yet, we are so very thankful to God for giving us this place, despite all of its foibles.  It’s our home, and we love it!

     I’ve recently read Paul David Tripp’s book Broken-Down House (Living Productively in a World Gone Bad).  I was so encouraged by this book!  Divided into two sections, the author first leads us to understand the problems that sin has created.  Yet we are not to despair or give up!  Chapters such as “Rest in God’s Sovereignty”, “Admit Your Limits”, and “Be Good and Angry”, were so helpful in reminding me that God’s grace is sufficient and that He is, and will always remain, Lord over all.  The second section of the book was even more splendid, giving wise counsel on how to live life in this broken-down house.

      From the back cover, “Sin has ravaged the house that God created.  This world sits slumped, disheveled, in pain, groaning for the restoration that can only be accomplished by the hands of the Builder.  The bad news is that we are living in the midst of the restoration process.  The good news is that the divine Builder will not relent until his house is made new again.  Someday you will live forever in a fully restored house, but right now you are called to live with peace, joy, and productivity in a place damaged by sin.  Emmanuel lives here with us, and he is at work returning his house to its former beauty.”

     Life in this broken-down house is hard, but we are not here alone.  It is possible to live life joyfully amidst the construction.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

     Broken-Down House (Living Productively in a World Gone Bad), by Paul David Tripp (* * * * *)

     Please remember that I think it is vitally important that your are reading!!  The Bible first and foremost, and that daily; but do not underestimate the importance of reading other books.  Please read this post for more information and to understand why I think it is so very important that you have a good book or two to read at all times.

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God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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