A Peek at the Week Ahead

     Just a peek at the week ahead:
     Homeschooling – This week will find us back into the swing of things homeschooling-wise after a week long Easter break.  Aaron’s school week will be short (see below), but William will enjoy a full schedule.  I’m looking forward to the return of the daily school routine.  Dani has started a course from The Teaching Company, which she’ll continue this week.  So far, it looks great!

      Home –  I’ll be finishing up the monthly deep cleaning in my kitchen, dining area, back hall and laundry room the first part of the week.  The monthly deep cleaning in the bedrooms and bathrooms will begin Thursday. 

     In my kitchen – I hope to make a loaf of bread from The Tassajara Bread Book early this week.  I’m also hoping to try a couple of new scone recipes, too.  I plan to try this one.   Does anyone have a particularly good Blueberry Scone recipe they’d like to share?  I’d love it if you would!

     Home Projects – My boys’ room is still in the same “under construction” stage that it has been in for weeks.  The money for finishing the project ran out, but the Lord has provided my husband with some very unexpected overtime in the last couple of weeks.  I’m hoping we can do something in there this week.  New closet doors and/or paint would be the next logical steps. 

     Special Events This Week – Corin has a birthday Monday.  How can it be possible that I have a thirty year old daughter?  Aaron is scheduled to have all four wisdom teeth removed Wednesday morning under general anesthesia.  None of them are impacted, for which I am very thankful,but only one of them has broken through.  We’ll also enjoy the second of three Saturday birthday parties in the Great Birthday Bonanza. 

     Reading – This week will find me reading the Old Testament books of Ezekiel and Daniel,  the New Testament books of Acts and Romans, as well as Psalms 56 – 80  and Proverbs 12 – 18.  In other reading, I’m about half way through A Mother’s Heart: A Look at Values, Vision, and Character for the Christian Mother.  I’m also enjoying 100 Cupboards: Book 1 ,  and I’m still slowly working through Beacon Lights of History, Volume 01 (The Old Pagan Civilizations and Jewish Heroes and Prophets).

     Listening – Loaded onto the Zune  for this week:  Podcasts from White Horse Inn and This American Life, and lots of really good music.

     Knitting/Sewing – On my needles, I have my first attempt at knitting socks.   At the sewing machine, I’d like to finish up a table runner that’s been hanging about far too long. 

     What does the next week look like for you?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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7 comments to A Peek at the Week Ahead

  • Looks like a busy, but productive week!  Praying it goes well

  • I remember when Stephanie turned 30 (she is 32 now), it didn’t seem possible.  She tells me she is feeling this pregnancy more than the others, wondering if it has to do with being in her 30s now.  Although having to sell a house and now pack to move in a couple weeks isn’t helping.  They should be in their other house just a couple weeks when the baby comes.

    We’re suppose to have nice weather most of the week so I need to hoe the raised bed that we used last year.  Hubby is building the second when his allergies are better.  He has been able to gather all the dead leaves and brush I had raked from the fence line (where the perennial greenery and bushes are) but I’ll go through the yard and help him by picking up lots and lots of small tree branches.  We always have a lot that falls off the trees each winter but this year there seems to be more than usual.

    We’ve been so unusually warm, I’m going to take a chance and plant the green beans this week as well as lettuce. 

  • Hello Dear Friend,

    I am planning to do a little tiding up and cook meals. Other than that I am going to lay low for a while. I get a wonderful magazine call Cook’s Country. They have a show on PBS on Saturday Mornings. Here is a link to their site. http://www.cookscountry.com/recipehome.asp Thier recipes are all wonderful. I am making a few of them this week. I know there are a few scone recipes on there. Enjoy.

    My oldest will be 33 this year. I wonder alot how he got so old so quick. LOL Tell Miss Corin Happy Birthday,

    Enjoy your week.



  • We’re preparing for a showing this morning in hopes of selling our farm soon.  Pray it goes well!  Tuesday, Maggie gives a sewing lesson here to a nice young lady from down the road.  Peter will have a speech therapy session later this week and then my big guys will be playing their weekly bluegrass music performance at the KY Coffeetree Cafe in Frankfort.

    Of course, behind all this is the on-going bookstore work, homeschooling for 3, preschooler activities for 2, garden work that’s gearing up, animal chores that never get finished, and LIFE! ha!! 

    I’m holding my plans loosely – He sure knows how to twist them around on me sometimes!

  • Best wishes with your Tassajara bread. My mom used this method for years with delicious results! I miss her bread, somehow mine just doesn’t taste the same. Thanks for the sweet memory this morning!

    It looks to be a busy week here. I’m holding my plans loosely and planning lots of crockpot meals!

    Enjoy your week! Elizabeth V.

  • What a wonderful, productive week you have planned.  As I work outside the home, my week is mostly taken up with work .  I do, however, hope to stick to my menu plan for the week, as we substituted frozen pizza for Philadelphia Cheese Steaks last evening.  I plan on making those on Wednesday night.  Tonight will be meatloaf that I prepared ahead with mashed potatoes.  I do most of my housekeeping on the weekends and plan on continuing my big de-clutter projects.  Blessings to you for a fruitful week. 

  • * I have oodles of IOWA test evaluations to complete (my assistant and myself) and train my replacement for the school. I hand over ‘the keys’ come June. More on that later… :o)

    * I’m sorely disorganized lately (at least a month now) and as such my days don’t flow as smoothly as they could. One thing at a time, I need to just *do it* and zone in on getting things done.

    * Rocky will only be gone 3 days this week and during that time I hope to accomplish some necessary tasks that I know will bless him when he returns.

    * I need to finish a simple scarf by crocheting the ends. Guess I need to learn a basic crochet stitch. ha!

    * My sewing area is overloaded so cleaning it up is paramount before I can mend a few necessary items.

    * My evenings need to be better utilized to getting projects done such as writing letters or working on my embroidery.

    * exercise. Given the go-ahead to join a local gym, I’ve been exercising. Doing me a world of good. Necessary stuff.

    * continue preparing simple meals and utilizing some freezer foods neglected in recent time.

    Bless you this day,

    jAne * tickleberry farm