A Peek at the Week Ahead

Just a peek at the coming week:

     Homeschooling – Just the usual, which is more than fine by me!

     Home – Finishing up the deep cleaning of the bedrooms and bathrooms, and moving on to the living room, school room, sewing nook/mud room, and back porch. 

     In My Kitchen – Another batch of Tassajara Bread, more blueberry scones (this time with the butter sauce!), and choosing some new dinner recipes to try.

     Home Projects – We’re still hoping to get into the boys’ room and get some more work done.  That’s the hope, and I’m keeping it alive.

     Special Events This Week – My husband is working a full overtime shift tomorrow, sort of chopping up his weekend.  So thankful for a hard working husband!  Aaron returns to the oral surgeon late in the week for a post-op check. 

     Reading – Continuing my regular Bible reading, hoping to finish A Mother’s Heart (which has been great) and get a good start in This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence.  I finished 100 Cupboards over the weekend and I’ll post a review soon.

     On My Zune – An eclectic mix of all sorts of musicJayber Crow (audio book), and at least this video from the Mars Hill Trial Series on video.  (The Trial series from Mars Hill has been outstanding.)

     In the Sewing Nook – I need to get that area organized before much of anything can happen, but finding the time might be a problem.

     What does the coming week look like for you?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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12 comments to A Peek at the Week Ahead

  • Curious to know your thoughts on 100 Cupboards…

  • Thanks to my re-reading your blog and getting tons of ideas on organzing and having a homemaking schedule, I was able to get a lot done in my home over the weekend.  You have really inspired me to tackle projects that have been sitting for a long time.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  Blessings.

  • I will finally be able to get back to planting this afternoon.  We went from very hot weather to cold and damp but we are back to “nice”.  I’m still babying the tomato plants, keeping them on the front porch to get acclimated but away from the extreme weather.  Once I see steady nighttime temps again, I’ll plant them.  So far they are fine as long as I keep them watered.  They are the only plants I was concerned about (being hot weather veggies).

    I’m still re-reading With Love, Edith.  I’m slowly enjoying it, even if I don’t get to re-reading the second book of letters.  I don’t take part in any actual reading challenges anymore so I can enjoy my reading with no pressure.  Instead I’ve been more self directed.  🙂

  • Good Morning Cheryl,

    I love you blog.   Thank you for all you put into it for us.

    I am curious about this bread book (very!!).  Are these whole wheat (grain) recipes???  It sounds wonderful, but we eat grind our grain for best quality and i was wondering if this would work with these recipes????

    Thank so much.

  • @tammy – Tammy – Yes!!  The Tassajara bread I made is whole wheat, made from my own freshly ground wheat berries!

  • We will be paying for airline tickets (ugh!) and preparing for our move to Africa.  Lots of planning, preparing and packing in my future.  And,….I also get to enjoy homeschooling little ones, loving on my husband and trying to keep up with my home and laundry 🙂  Sounds like a blessed week!  

  • @Mary –  Your week sounds busy, indeed, blessedly so!

  • Thank you Miss Cheryl!!  I look forward to this book!!!

  • Lots and lots of gearing up for the spring planting. Have some trees that have been enjoying the indoors all winter…those need to be takken out, hardened off and planted. (actually, all that’s left is to plant them, they’ve been hardening off and doing well…just feeling a bit lazy and concidering giving them more time) Homeschool lessons are back on track with some of the excitement of the past few weeks now settling down. I enjoy reading your blog!!

  • Hope you love those blueberry scones w/ butter sauce as much as I did…….they were soooooo good.


  • This week I am setting aside as much as possible in order to do some serious “tomato-staking”. Sometimes I am tempted to feel frustrated and discouraged when all that I’ve “finished” will need to be done again tomorrow. But it seems my little ones need more of me rather than less. My intention is to set up more structure in having us all work together more closely. Big plans for this mama of an almost 3 year old ball of curious adventure and almost one year old bundle of sweetness. We are simplifying and de-cluttering here.

  • @TheUnaverageJoesWife – Sounds like a great plan for the week!  Tomato staking those little ones is a time consuming task, but one that will bear much fruit in their lives later on!  Do not grow weary in doing good!