A Peek at the Week Ahead

     Homeschooling – It’s been a struggle lately with one of my boys.  I’m praying for the wisdom to move past the brick wall we’ve hit. 

     In My Home – Will’s asthma and pneumonia kept me hopping last week and none of the deep cleaning got done.  Honestly, very little of the weekly stuff got done either, just enough to keep the house healthy and functioning.  Priorities!  Caring for a sick boy is way more important than a clean house.  Still – there’s only so much a girl can tolerate.  I’m hoping to get back to it this week.

     In My Kitchen – Pulling out the May issues from my collection of Taste of Home magazines for some mealtime inspiration.

     Home Projects – Are you sick of hearing me say, “hoping to get to the boys’ room this week”?  Here’s the deal….If I don’t PLAN on getting that project back underway, it never will be done.  Those who fail to plan, plan to fail, right?  Holding my own plans loosely, of course, but I’m still planning on getting something done in there soon to move it toward completion. 

     In My Reading Basket – My Bible reading this week should find me reading Daniel and Hosea (and maybe Joel) in the Old Testament, and Romans and 1 Corinthians in the New Testament.  Psalms and Proverbs, too.  I’m always in Psalms and Proverbs.  I finished up 100 Cupboards, A Mother’s Heart and This Momentary Marriage last week.  I’ve got a good start on I Saw the Angel in the Marble and The Gentle Art of Domesticity already this week, thanks to spending a Sunday at home with my boy.  There’s a review of 100 Cupboards here.  A review of A Mother’s Heart will be up on Thursday, and I’m working on my review of This Momentary Marriage

     On my Zune this week – Podcasts from these guys – I love that their focus for this year is on Scripture.  A video from the Trial series from Mars Hill, which I’m really gleaning a lot from.  Music currently loaded includes my typically crazy mix of stuff.

      In the Nook & On the Needles – As far as my sewing nook goes, ditto what I said about In My Home above!  Sigh…..what a mess!  I managed to put together a knight costume for Aaron for a church skit this week, but it was short on the sewing and long on the gluing.  I told Dani yesterday, while trying to stitch an emblem to the front of the knight’s tunic, that if I tried, if I really, really tried, I could make a worse mess of the sewing nook.  But I’d have to work hard at it!  On the needles – nothing!  I ripped out my sock and need to start over again.  It’s been a week like that.

     Special Events This Week – Copper is on vacation!  All week!  I’m hoping Will is feeling well enough to enjoy a couple of things we had planned for this vacation week. 
     So, what’s up in your home this week?  Any special plans, new menu ideas, or great music you’re listening to? 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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3 comments to A Peek at the Week Ahead

  • Do let us know what you think of “I Saw the Angel…”.  I loved reading their articles in their catalog and if that book is good, I want to put it aside for Stephanie’s birthday later in the year.

    I’m looking through recipe books for new ideas.  🙂

  • whew!  what a week for you!  I’m praying Will is feeling better soon, and you all are able to do the fun stuff you had planned for this week.

    I made out a whole list of things this morning that need to be done TODAY, and then later looked at it, and said, “not likely!”  So, I’ll probably use that list for the whole week.  (I tend to get mentally industrious after my cup of coffee, but my body can’t always keep up with my brain!!!) 
    The main thing we hope to accomplish this week is to get carrots cleaned and ready to juice, and to find a space in the kitchen for the new water distiller.  It puts out so much heat that I can’t put it on my kitchen counter – it heats up the food in the cabinets!   So…we’ll be putting on our thinking caps for that!
    Happy Monday!Alesha

  • Hi Cheryl,

    What a busy week you have plan. I am getting my home and family back on track. Lord Willing.I baked rolls today for the freezer. How is Will feeling. I will continue to pray for him.