A Season of Jammie Days

     We’re jammie people.  There, I’ve admitted it publicly.  Whew, glad that’s off my mind!  The truth is we enjoy leisurely mornings and having our breakfast, and maybe even that second cup of coffee or tea, before getting dressed for the day.  When we’re sick, there’s nothing like an all day jammie day, spent comfortably curled up on the couch, to make us feel better sooner.
     Will enjoyed an all day jammie day today after waking up with a terrible sore throat and cough (again!).  He spent a considerable amount of time on the couch enjoying, of all things, The Addams Family!  I love that we can stream these classic, old TV shows through our Net Flix account for him.  I’ll admit to laughing out loud this afternoon as I passed through and heard a great line.  Uncle Fester was commenting that the bottom had fallen out of the stock market again.  Morticia replied, “They should do something about that rickety old place.  The bottom is always falling out of it.”   Funny stuff!


     Aaron’s oral surgery was postponed until tomorrow due to a scheduling conflict at the surgeon’s office.  He’ll enjoy a few all day jammie days himself later this week.  He requested cheeseburgers for his “last supper” tonight.  I grilled enormous burgers for dinner, topped them with Cheddar/Jack Cheese, and made a big batch of Fajita Oven Fries to go along with the cheeseburgers.  

    My day was filled with the normal things – laundry, straightening up, reviewing homeschool assignments and written work, and tending to the ordinary daily and weekly cleaning tasks about my home.  Dani and Copper headed to town this afternoon to run a few errands, including a dental appointment for my husband.  Dani needed her dad’s help in picking out some picture hanging supplies.  She’s hoping to enter a couple of her photographs into our county fair later this spring.  I’m excited for her!  Entering the fair is a totally new venture for our family.
      Dani has begun her course on The Art of Reading from The Teaching Company.  She’s listened to two of the lectures, so far, and she’s enjoying it.  I’d been curious about the courses from The Teaching Company for several years.  They can be quite expensive, but all of the courses are offered at a deep discount at least once each year.  We bought this course for Dani when it went on one of those sales a couple of weeks ago.  I’m impressed.  The DVDs are high-quality and the sound is very good.  The course came complete with outlines, book lists, etc., to further enhance the study.  There are a couple of courses that I’m interested in, and Dani has two or three more she’d like to take as well.  I think we’re going to enjoy having The Teaching Company contributing to our lifetime of learning.

     We caught our under-the-house critter overnight.  It turned out to be an opossum, which kind of surprised us as we suspected a raccoon.  We re-baited the trap, just to be sure, but we’re fairly confident that Mr. Opossum is the culprit.  The crawl space is now, we think, sealed off to prevent anything else from getting under there.  We live in the country, so wild critters are just part of normal life, but I don’t want them living under my house. 

     My bread machine is getting tired.  After several years of mixing, kneading and baking our bread several times a week, I think we’ve finally worn it out.  It has been a faithful servant!  Buying a new bread machine is not an option at this point in time.  I’ll be making our bread now the way I did for many, many years before having a good bread machine.  I still have my old tried and true whole wheat recipe on the side of my fridge, though it’s been years since I made it. 

     Tomorrow, however, I’m set to give my first loaf of Tassajara Yeasted Bread a try.  I’ve read through the basic directions a couple of times to familiarize myself with the process.  It’s more “by hand” than my standard whole wheat recipe, which I mix and knead with my KitchenAid; but I’m looking forward to the mixing by hand and manual kneading of this bread.  I’ll be sure and let you know how it turns out.

     I’ve not done much knitting since fall.  I’ve missed it.  A couple of weeks ago, I picked up some inexpensive, but fairly good quality, yarn  when it was on sale locally, and cast on for a pair of socks.  The yarn is a nice Merino wool, Bamboo, Nylon blend.  I’ve not knit socks before, and I’ve not worked much with such fine yarn, either.  I’m enjoying the challenge, but I’m glad that this first pair of socks are meant for me and not as a gift.  As you can see, my knitting is far from perfect!  I’m still working on keeping my tension correct as I work from one double point to the other.  I’ve done this with heavier yarn, but the finer, sock weight yarn shows the inconsistency of my work.  (Special thanks to Kendra for the helpful tip!)  I enjoy the process of learning new things, and am determined to knit useful things during the learning process.  I’m using this free pattern, from the Lion Brand Yarn site, for my socks.

     The coming days will be full and busy in and around my home.  I’m so blessed to be able to be here, caring for my home and family, as we work and learn, individually yet together.  I’m thankful, too, that my boys can enjoy all day jammie days when they need them!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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11 comments to A Season of Jammie Days

  • Jammie days.  I love your family!

    One more thing I forgot to tell you about socks: when you get to turning the heel, don’t freak out by reading ahead through the directions.  Just take them one line at a time, and suddenly you’ll be amazed by the heel that magically appears!


  • How cozy jammie days are!  I love a jammie day when it’s storming outside and inside it’s nice and dry and cozy.  I look forward to hearing how the bread receipe turns out.  I’ve never made bread, but you are inspiring me.  Blessings.

  • I loved this post!

    Saying a prayer for Aaron today and for Will also. Jammie days are awesome!

  • Sounds cozy! Prayers for your boy undergoing surgery! I love reading your blog but always have trouble leaving a comment…don’t know why, it’s probably me. I think I’ll try to do it anonymously & see if that works. I’d love for you to stop by anytime @: http://www.tjssweethome.blogspot.com

  • I love pj days too. Had one myself last week – most unusual for me – more common for the kids!
    It was fun to stay cosily wrapped.
    We also have critters under our house – but ours are penguins. The Little Blue variety.
    They make an enormous noise.
    We have possums on the roof and inside if they find a way.
    The critters I do not like are the rats and mice who try and camp inside the walls during winter.
    My dh has a serious bait line around the farm buildings to try and eliminate before they get to the house!!

  • Jammie Days, that is what we call them too LOL. Hope your boys heal quickly and I hope that that possum didn’t have any babies..you checked right? Many Blessings 🙂


  • We are also PJ people! I’m so sorry your family has had such an extended season of illness. That’s just crummy. I was wondering about your kids and their persistent illnesses. Do you think they got sick a lot this year because they are exposed to other peoples’ germs less often than kids who go to school outside the home? Sort of like the stories about the kids who go to childcare, get sick constantly for 6 months, and then build up immune resistance and stop getting sick? I wonder if your kids are more prone to catching these bugs because they are homeschooled and have less constant exposure to lots of other peoples’ germs? Regardless, I hope they are on the mend! 

  • Check thrift stores for bread machines.  Often they’re almost new and only missing the kneader if anything!  God bless!

  • @Becky – My kids are out and about a lot.  They head to town often with their Dad on errands, we eat out, attend movies off and on, and we visit the public library.  In fact, Dani and I were the sickest ones in our family this year, and she and I are the two that are out and about in public places the most as we do the shopping for the family.  The deal is, when we’re sick, we stay home and keep our germs with us.  Unfortunately, others do not do the same thing and so we kept catching their bugs, most often at church. 

  • Keep an eye out at yard sales.  I have picked up two (bread machines) at yard sales and never paid over 10 bucks.  Also check craigslist.  The last one I got had NEVER been used.  All of the books were still inside it!  It doesn’t do the same job as my old one and I haven’t perfected the recipe yet to get it to come out the way we like but I’ll get there.  

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I love jammie days. I get so much more done in my jammies. I pray Will and Aaron feel better soon. Your cheeseburgers looks yummy. I love to grill in the summer. So glad Copper got your critter. I have birds making a nest in the vent on the side of the house we need to get out. I love the picture of Copper.Looks real scary. If I was a critter I would run for cover. LOL