You Just Never Know

     You just never know, do you?  We think we know what is in store for us, but we really just never know until the time comes.  Good thing we’re all holding our plans loosely!
     Overtime has been scarce for the last several months.  I’ve mentioned recently, though, that God has provided some overtime for my husband just as it has been needed for a couple of unexpected expenses.  My husband budgets carefully to cover all of our needs and provide for emergencies like car repairs, etc.; but sometimes life throws us a curve ball.  God has faithfully provided for our needs through those curves!!

     When we went to bed last night, we were anticipating an early morning phone call with more overtime for Copper.  We were excited because we have been trying to finish some home improvement projects in the house and an overtime shift today would have really helped.  There was no phone call.

      Instead, we discovered wet carpeting in our bedroom.  Not.  Good.  The roof was not leaking, and yet there was a fairly good-sized wet spot on the carpet.  My husband pulled the dresser away from the wall and we found quite a mess.  Mold is not pretty.  Wet carpet pad doesn’t smell very nice either. 

     Apparently, there has been a leak on the outside of the house that has come down inside the wall until it hit the floor.  The water then began pooling on the floor, under the carpet, under the dresser, completely undetected.  This has probably been going on all winter.  The torrential rains we’ve had the last couple of days finally brought the leak to our attention.  Copper pulled the baseboard off of the wall, and then peeled back the carpet and carpet pad.  He put a big fan in our bedroom blowing over the wet carpet to help it dry faster.  Once everything is dry, I’ll work on dealing with the wall and carpet stains.  

      But what a sweet Providence that my husband was home today!  He was busy outside all morning, caulking suspicious places over the windows and cleaning the rain gutters on that side of our house.  He also took a good, long look at the junction of the roof between the master bedroom and our room addition.  He said he’s never been quite happy with the way that junction was finished off, and I think he’ll be working on changing that soon.

     We’ve also had the not-so-fun experience of having something living under our house for the last few weeks.  We knew it was a nocturnal critter of some sort, and we knew it lived under the boys’ room.  The guys would hear it stirring after they were in bed at night, and apparently it also moaned and groaned a lot as it was waking up.  They’d also hear it occasionally during the day as it woke off and on and changed position during its day of sleeping. 

      We also knew that whatever it was, it was big!  A small critter does not make that much noise moving around under the house.  The last couple of days, it has been very active.  My husband heard it coming back under the house before 6:00 this morning, and he said it was pretty noisy.  And so
the hunter-gatherer Copper decided today was the day to eradicate the beast!  Unfortunately, his adventure under the house was not completely successful.  From evidence found under the house, though, we believe that the critter is an enormous raccoon; and probably the very raccoon I saw recently in our garage eating cat food.  He was huge!!  A live animal trip has now been baited and set under the house and the crawl space sealed off.  We’ll see what we catch!  You just never know!

      I made up a batch of these Maple Oatmeal Scones this afternoon, and they w
ere delicious.  I love that the recipe calls for real maple syrup, and not that stuff that the men in my house insist on pouring over their waffles and pancakes.  I substituted old fashioned oats for the quick cooking oats, but otherwise made the recipe as printed.  I’ll definitely make these again. 

     I really enjoyed reading about some of your plans for the week left in the comments of my Peek at the Week Ahead post.  Some of you are working in your yard, while others are preparing homes for sale and moving.  Some of you hold jobs outside of the home, but enjoy tending your homes on the weekend.  Many of us are cooking new things, or hoping to get to big projects.  And Jane, I too have a bit of “overload” to clean up in my own sewing area before I can finish that table runner I mentioned.  Let’s you and I get that done together!   We’re all so diverse in what we have going on, but what fun to know that we’re all doing what we can to look well to the ways of our own households.
     Let’s remember that our days are not our own.  Hold those plan loosely because you just never know what each new day may hold.  Life’s an adventure – enjoy it!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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7 comments to You Just Never Know

  • Regarding the raccoon, my hubby says that if you put a light (maybe a trouble light) under your house where it goes, it will go away!

  • Oh Cheryl what a day!

    My brother in law used to work for Coit’s restoration service’s. To dry out the wall and insulation, he would pull the baseboards off the wall and then drill dime size holes into the wall where the baseboards would cover them up. He’d then set a fan blowing into the wall. Just thought I’d throw that out there, in case that helps

  • praying for wisdom for Copper, as he decides how to fix the leaks!  SO SORRY you are having to deal with leaks…they are just so discouraging when you first discover them! 

    the scones looked beautiful! 

    i will soon be redeeming my first gift card from MyPoints!!!  Thanks so much for sharing that with us!

    may today only hold any pleasant surprises for your household, Cheryl!

  • @SunnySideoftheRoom – Dana!!!  Thanks!  My husband says he will give that a try today.  

  • I enjoy my return visits to re-read some of your posts, Cheryl. They’re so edifying and help set me to rights with regard to my home, life in general, and walk with the Lord. So, thank you.

    You mentioned you’re interested in reading a Francine Rivers book. I’m including a couple links that share about The Mark of the Lion trilogy as well as A Lineage of Grace (5 books in one). I’ve read every single one her books except Sons of Encouragement. I highly recommend everything she’s written as each story has drawn me closer to Christ while realizing His precious grace and mercy through each story line. Her newest book is Her Mother’s Hope. I read it in 3 days and am waiting with bated breath for the sequel which the publisher (in my estimation) is taking their sweet time in getting to me (for i am her #1 reader. right ha!). Rivers shares about The Mark of the Lion trilogy  The Mark of the Lion on Amazon Her Mother’s Hope

    Enjoy your day, Cheryl. My husband flies home tonight – I’m getting things squared away at home in anticipation for his return. Miss that guy!

    Blessings, jAne *

  • Hold Your Plans Loosely is the best advice I have ever gotten. It will be past on for generations here!

  • We had the same type of water issue in an old home we had.  Didn’t know it was leaking until we moved as it was leaking in a corner under a bed that never moved.  (turned out it was a pipe under the tub in the next room).  Needless to say when we pulled back carpet and found mold it totally explained my daughter’s constant illnesses!!  Constant horrid coughs, trips to the doctors almost weekly!  Once moved she totally became a different child.  Exposure to molds can cause many illnesses as we found out.