Working Vacation

     Copper and I enjoyed the first day of his vacation yesterday by spending most of the day in town.  He had a couple of church errands to run, and he bought me lunch out, too.  The rest of the day was spent having paint mixed, picking out closet doors and blinds, and buying baseboard.  My husband may be on vacation from his job, but it’s gearing up to be a working vacation.  My boys’ bedroom is finally getting back underway!
     There were lots of holes and dings to fill in the walls.  And ceiling.  For a time I couldn’t figure out why there were pin holes in the ceiling, but then I realized that we’d allowed the top bunk dweller to pin up posters on the ceiling.  I plan to put up a cork board or something similar for them to have a place to hang their posters, drawings, etc, in the future.  No more pin holes in the walls!!


     My husband’s technique for patching the ceiling made me a little nervous this morning.  Then again, he is on vacation so, perhaps, sitting down on the job is excusable. 

       Thanks to all of you who prayed for Will’s recovery.  He had a tough time all the way through Sunday night, but was quite improved on Monday.  Today he’s feeling very well, and is quite himself again – happy, silly, mischievous – that’s our Will!  He’s finished his course of antibiotics for the pneumonia, and will finish the oral steroids for his asthma tomorrow.  Then we’ll have a month course of steroids via inhaler.  He has not had to use his Albuterol inhaler since Sunday night, so it looks like the asthma is under control, too.  I’m so thankful to God for bringing about his quick recovery, and I’m praying that the asthma will stay under control.

     We’ve enjoyed intermittent, often heavy, showers all day long.  The house was dark, but comfy.  I like nothing more than the sound of the rain hitting the skylights over my head in the schoolroom.  What a lovely sound!  The afternoon brought us some thunder, too.  I lit a few candles here and there and enjoyed the storm. 

     I’m working my way through the backlog of stuff that fell by the wayside last week when William was so sick.  Laundry is getting caught up.  The front hall, entry way and parlor were tended to today, along with my daily tasks.  It takes just a short time each day to tend to the daily and weekly tasks, yet the work yields a pleasant outcome.  Things look so nice and fresh and lovely again!

     Oh, there’s much still to be done, and having the painting and such going on in the boys’ room means lots of gunk is getting tracked through the house as my husband comes and goes.  It’s a process, though, and patience goes a long way in remaining content throughout that process.  The tasks that fell behind last week in the rest of my home might bother me, if I let them; but I know that as each day comes around, I’ll get another room or two tidied and dusted and cleaned.  The deep cleaning will happen in the course of the normal routine, too.

     The same can be said for the improvements we’ve long wanted to make in and around our home.  Bit by bit, as the Lord brings together the resources (time and money), we’re getting them done.  Impatience in wanting to get those things done can breed discontentment.  I’d rather live contentedly with what the Lord has given me here and now, than push and strive and work on my own to achieve those things which He’d have me wait for.  My desire might be for them to be done sooner rather than later, but my hope is in the Lord. 

     These walls and floors and windows and doors will one day be dust, but there is a treasure which moth and rust cannot destroy and it’s a far sweeter treasure, too!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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4 comments to Working Vacation

  • So glad Will is doing better!  Praying the asthma will stay under control!!  

    YAY!  For catching up and renewed work on the boy’s room.  I’m sure it will be wonderful to have it done.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  • So thankful that Will’s feeling better!  There’s nothing like the power of prayer!  I look forward to the finished result in the boy’s room!  Blessings for your day and week.

  • Thankful Will is feeling better. I love this blog, by the way.  My husband is about to take a “working vacation” so we can put a roof on our house.  It’s been a long time coming and there’s still much more to be done.  The reminder to be content and grateful in our current situation, rather than constantly striving is a priceless truth. 

    I also love reading how contented you are with rainy days and your daily tasks and what a joy they are to you.  It’s encouraging all the way around.  Thank you!

  • @MOM2_4 – @buana – @momidazed –   Thanks for your sweet thoughts and prayers for Will!  The symptoms of the pneumonia seem to be completely gone, and we’ve had no asthma symptoms since late Sunday night.  Praising God!!!