It’s glorious outside.  Oh, it’s a touch windy, perhaps, but the sun is shining brightly in a cloudless sky.  Allergy season continues for all of us.  Dani has been suffering for several weeks with tree pollens, and I’ve now joined her as the local farmers are cutting the first spring hay.  My windows are […]

A Peek At The Week Ahead


     Homeschooling – Shuffling just a bit more responsibility for time management onto Aaron’s plate this week.  Growing up and assuming more responsibility is tough on a kid!  Ordering books and music for the boys’ upcoming study of folk music.          Home –  Looking forward to rearranging a few things in my […]

Rereading Good Books

On the rereading of good books, and especially for Brenda:

“I savor remembered details, greet favorite scenes or sections with pleasure, wonder why I turned up the corner (my bad habit for marking special pages) or recall the reasons why a pencil line or exclamation mark was left.  There is coziness, friendliness and reassurance in […]

Marriage for a Lifetime – Marriage for a Moment

     The words, “Til death do us part”, in one form or another, are spoken as a vow during most marriage ceremonies.  Copper and I spoke the words in our vows, and I’m sure most of you did, too.  Marriage in today’s society, however, is rarely seen as permanent.  The sad truth is […]

Monday, Monday, Monday

     My husband’s vacation is winding down.  I’ll be back soon.  Until then……..

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!Proverbs 31:27 



    The Saturday Acrostic – Our day in eight words and photographs.




      Trim              Unbelievable!                  Resting               Driving     



God bless you as you look […]


     Dani and I have been in town all day for our Fortnightly Marketing Peregrination.  It’s always a long day for us, but I’m reminded that the wife of Proverbs 31 fame was praised for being like a merchant ship, bringing her food from afar.  We were home just before 8:00 this evening, just […]