It’s glorious outside.  Oh, it’s a touch windy, perhaps, but the sun is shining brightly in a cloudless sky.  Allergy season continues for all of us.  Dani has been suffering for several weeks with tree pollens, and I’ve now joined her as the local farmers are cutting the first spring hay.  My windows are open wide.  The wind chimes, hung in various spots around the outside of my home, are singing merrily.  Glorious!
     The work on the boys’ room came to a shrieking halt last weekend.  We had some computer woes that took my husband and I to town for the most of the day Monday, and he had some car-related errands to run Tuesday.  The walls are painted, though; and I love the color!  The trim around the windows and closet is also painted, and the new blinds have been hung.  Only the closet and entry doors remain to finish the project.
     It was awkward working around piles of my boys’ stuff that were taken to the parlor and school room during the painting.  I reclaimed that lost territory Tuesday.  I moved my boys’ double bookcase from the wall where it had been to the opposite wall.  It’s oak, and it’s heavy; but it was empty and I employed my dad’s strategy of “walking” to move that beast by myself.
     Do you all know how to “walk”  piece of large or heavy furniture?  It’s a handy skill for a woman to have.  Here’s a simple explanation:  Empty the piece of furniture first (drawers, shelves, etc.)  I moved the boy’ book case with the shelves still in it today, but there was nothing in or on the shelves. 

commonplace quote from Jane Brocket

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