For Today (While I’m Still Finding My Way)

     I hope that you’ll allow me a bit of time to carefully, and cautiously, re-enter the blogging world.  It’s been awhile, and a lot of water has passed under the bridge.  Some of that water was a raging torrent, but most of it was just the gentle flow of living this life God has given me.  Lord willing, I’ll have a couple more posts this busy week before Christmas.  While I’m still finding my way, I thought I’d pop in with a Daybook entry. 


     Outside my window…We’ve had a few days of moderate to heavy rainfall, and there is water standing everywhere on our property.  The poor sheep are tippy toeing their way through the puddles to graze in their pasture, and the goats haven’t poked their heads out of the barn since the first rain drop fell last week.  It’s cloudy and windy and looking very much like winter will arrive in California on time tomorrow.

     I am thinking….about how much has happened in these months that I’ve not written here, and yet, how much things remain the same.  Life is funny like that.

     I am thankful for…My husband’s ability to take his annual vacation at Christmas.  Law enforcement doesn’t take holidays (aren’t you glad?), and his normal shift would have had him working Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  Taking two weeks of vacation now means that we will have him home with us for all of those holidays, as well as the days leading up to them, between them, and immediately after them.  Yep, thankful!

     From the learning rooms…There are a few papers in my boys’ baskets that need to be filed away into their notebooks before Christmas.  Homeschooling is on vacation through the first of the year.

     From the kitchen…Monday night is Dani’s night to cook, but we’ll be in town shopping all day.  Popcorn for dinner sounds good! Homemade Gingerbread Lattes and/or Peppermint Mochas will definitely happen, too. 

     I am wearing… my favorite white, zippered pull-over sweater (a lovely, cozy hand-me-down from a dear friend),  jeans (two sizes smaller than this time last year), bright polka-dot socks, and my favorite shoes

     I am creating…too many things at once, but that doesn’t surprise you, does it?  Christmas stockings:one for my granddaughter who is having her second Christmas (because I didn’t get her stocking done last year) and one for my newest grandson (who will soon be four months old).  The stockings are cute.  The babies are cuter!  On my knitting needles I’ve got a vest for my Will which is about 5/8 done, a growing stack of colorful face cloths promised way too long ago for a young friend in Florida, and warm, stocking caps for my boys just keep on coming. 


heartboys in hand knit stocking caps!

     I am going…grocery shopping for our two big holiday meals with Copper and Dani.   Hoping we don’t get too wet or wind blown.

     I am reading…My Bible, of course, following Professor Horner’s System.  The following titles are also in my current reading basket: this amazing book by C.J. Mahaney , this book for parents of teens recommended by a good friend, and this novel about enslaved women in pre-Civil War America.

     I am hoping…That the advance planning and preparation of the last couple of weeks, and today’s trip to town for food, will keep this week peaceful and calm, at least until Friday.  As always, though, I’m holding my plans loosely.

     I am hearing…Dani and Copper chatting.

     Around the house…  The doorways in my front hall and entry way all have beautiful new trim, though the wood remains unpainted.  The windows in the entry way and parlor/dining room are waiting for the new trim, too.  Painting, new light fixtures, and all the decorating fun that follows that, is still to come.  We’re on hold, waiting for delivery of a couple of gift cards earned through My Points.   

     One of my favorite things…Spending these long, almost-winter evenings at home, fire in the wood stove and the inside of the house lit only by our various lit garlands and Christmas trees.  Peaceful.  Pretty.  Warm. 

     A few plans for the rest of the week:  We’re hosting and cooking a soup, bread & dessert buffet for twenty-one family members on Christmas Eve, and then Corin & Rob and all six grandbabies will be here for dinner and much fun Christmas Day.  Most of the week will find us baking, prepping and cleaning in anticipation of the weekend, but there will be plenty of time for reading, resting and game playing, too. 

     One more picture of the detail on my granddaughter’s stocking.

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