With Humblest Apologies

     In the last week I have received at least two dozen spam comments.  Xanga, my blog host, has archaic comment controls, making it easy for spammers and difficult for you, my readers.  If you’ve run across any of these comments, I apologize.  I delete these spam comments as soon as I see them.

     For now, I have turned off the ability for “anonymous” comments to be left, hoping that this will solve the problem.  I know that this may make it difficult for some of you to leave comments, and for that I am most sorry.  Please know that your comments are very important to me.  I read each and every one!  But for now, this is my only course of action. 

     In the very near future, I will have a more permanent solution.  For now, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. 




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4 comments to With Humblest Apologies

  • UGH ~ sorry you are having trouble with spammers.  I’ve had a few, too, but thankfully not too many. 

  • I average about seven to ten a day now.  I had to go on moderated comments long ago for snarky comments.  Haven’t had any of them since moderating (as if they do not have an audience, why write) but I did catch spam.

    Blogger now has a very good spam filter and it still misses two or three a day. 

    I even had to go to moderated comments on my recipe blog to catch them after a sweet recipe blog reader who subscribed to comments let me know they were starting there. 

  • @BrendaKayN – Brenda – There is no option for moderated comments here at Xanga.  The spammers I’m encountering here appear to be foreign and are linking to sites selling knock-off merchandise.  I’ve had several a week all those months of not blogging, but now they’re coming fast and furious.  sigh…………….  The snarky stuff doesn’t bother me as much.  So sorry you’ve had to deal with this, too.

  • @copperswife – I got a weird message too one of my blog posts a few months back. I am glad you posted this because I had no idea I could remove comments or that I could moderate my comments to keep those off my blog! Thanks!