Finding an Anchor

     I had plans!  Oh, yes, I did. 

     My plan was to spend several hours between Christmas and New Year’s Day working on some much-needed planning for school and my home and working out, at the very least, an outline for my 2011 goals.  My husband took vacation time over the Christmas – New Year’s holiday season (which was delightful!); and so I thought there would be a few hours, here and there, that I could use to do that planning and goal setting. It’s an important task for me, and one I look forward to every year.

     And I, the gal who always cautions you to “hold your plans loosely”, I was holding onto those plans tightly.  Too tightly.

     The entire week after Christmas dissolved into a blur of activity – some necessary, some fun – but all of it good.  New Year’s Day found me catching up with a back log of laundry, tidying up my house, dealing with the last of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve left overs, and getting things ready for church on Sunday. 

     By Sunday evening, I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and plain old tired!

     Yesterday, the boys and I were back to homeschooling and chores and continuing to pull life back into the normalcy of everyday life.  I lamented the fact that I was now three whole days into the new year without any sort of plan in place or goals written out to strive toward, and no hope of any time to do that planning and goal setting in the near future.  I put one foot in front of the other all day, doing what needed to be done.  I spent time in God’s precious Scriptures, and my spirits were lifted, and with that lifting and the reminder of what He has done for me, the tide turned.

     I’m still hoping to find that time for household planning and goal setting.  It’s important.  What’s changed is that I remembered my anchor!

(photo – Will’s new Leopard Geckos are just a couple of the fun & good things that occupied my time during the week between Christmas & New Year’s Day!)


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6 comments to Finding an Anchor

  • Hi Cheryl,

    It is good to see you post. I have been thinking about you. I too sometimes hold my plans too tiightly and then I get oCD.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  • His plans are not always our plans. I’ve done the same thing this year. This is our last year homeschooling and nothing has gone according to MY plan but I’ve realized that it’s OK. Really OK. Maybe this is just His way of telling us to let go of having to be in control!

  • well, the geckos are just adorable!  thanks for sharing the pic of them. 🙂

    God was so merciful to us over the holidays.  I was sick for a total of 5 weeks, yet we managed to have a gift for each person that needed one.  (I think…nobody has complained, yet, any way!!!)  The Lord allowed me 2 days out of the house in the month of December, and I was able to get shopping done that couldn’t be done online.  And of course, much was done with the computer. 

    It was not the way I would have done it, if I had planned it; but it worked.  And I am thankful!

    Thanks for sharing,
    P.S.  I think I am going to try to plan ahead for my gifts this year…maybe this was the kick in the pants I needed to start planning a little better beforehand.

  • Hi,

    I am spending this hour (which was intended for planning my school semester)  jumping from blog to blog, as I have found you among the homeschool bloggers of the Reformed variety.I enjoyed you post, I identify with all you say.  And I love finding another HS mom with lizards in the house.  I would like to come and read here again.  Missy

  • So glad to see you back in the blogosphere, Cheryl. I’ve missed you. I’m not around Xanga much, so I just saw today that you were back.  My plans for planning over the weekend were blown out of the water, as well.  Thanks to you & your exhortation to “hold your plans loosely” in past posts, I’m not nearly as resentful of it as I would have been a year ago. Thank you so very much for sharing. 

  • I like the Geckos! *I want some real ones to play with!!! 😉
    And a good reminder to spend time with God and in His word.