Making Ready

We’re making ready. Our church is planning a church plant in the city closest to our home, with services scheduled to begin in July. Tonight we’re hosting the second meeting of folks interested in that church plant.

The Lord blessed us with a home that allows us to move a few pieces of […]

Where Are You Going? How Will You Get There?

Where are you going, and how do you plan to get there? Even if you’re simply headed to the market for a few groceries, you need to know the answers to those two questions!

Those same two questions, or questions that are very similar, can be applied to almost every area of life.

Homeschooling? […]

I’ve Turned a Lot of Pages

A lot of pages were turned during the month of January. A miserable virus and lots of dark, foggy days and long, cold nights, made that possible.  What follows is a list and brief review of the eight books I completed last month.

Please understand, I read broadly. I do not necessarily recommend to you […]