Grace Filled Growing Pains

     Our children inherit an interesting blend of genetic traits from us. We often tease Corin that she got a “double whammy” by inheriting her sentimental, easily moved to tears personality from both my beloved, late mother-in-love and my own, dear departed dad.  It’s sweet, really, and she bears […]

A Place to Connect

There’s a new place for us to connect, an easier way for you to leave comments on a post, and a fun place to just chat.

Copperswife can now be found on Facebook!

Search for Copperswife at Facebook


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Copper’s Day Off

Scripture memory work.


History of the Modern World.


Dani sewing.


Quiet time, well spent, planning future orders.


Trying out new-to-him […]

Why I Post My Menu Plan on the Fridge


     I’m glad, and relieved, to be back to menu planning on a regular basis. Menu planning is, of course, budget friendly. That alone is a good enough reason to take the time to do it on a regular basis. It also reduces stress by not having that five o’clock panic about what on […]

Those Wicked Kissing Cousins!

     I’m fifty-four years old. Most of my hair is gray. Dani says it’s silver, which sounds a lot better than gray, but she loves me and I think her opinion may be biased.

     The point is, I’ve lived a relatively long time, more than half a century in fact; and I’ve learned some […]

Money Saving Tip – Fabric Softener

If you use a liquid fabric softener, try diluting it 50/50 with water.

The softener will work just as well, but it will last twice as long!

The same thing applies to those of you who use dryer sheets. Cut them in half.

Just To Be Clear

Reflecting back on my last post about home keeping schedules, and as I think about home keeping in general, I want to be sure you understand my position.

Please reread the things I especially highlighted in bold type and large font in my last post on this subject. I’ll make it easy […]

Money Saving Tip – Laundry Detergent

    Double check your laundry detergent bottle for the correct amount of detergent to use per load. The detergent “fill” line on my washer calls for three times more than my bottle of laundry detergent recommends! Using too much detergent wastes money and water, and it can also leave a nasty residue on […]

Copper’s Day Off

My husband spent most of his day off outside


with a chainsaw.


I love that man and the way he takes care of us!


God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!Proverbs 31:27 


This Week’s Menu


     Our recent financial overhaul has prompted me to get back on the Menu Planning Bandwagon! Yee haw! I’ve found that careful menu planning reaps huge rewards at the grocery store check out, especially when I plan for all three of our daily meals, snacks and any “goodies” we’ll be baking during the week. […]