Money Saving Tip – Fabric Softener

If you use a liquid fabric softener, try diluting it 50/50 with water.

The softener will work just as well, but it will last twice as long!

The same thing applies to those of you who use dryer sheets. Cut them in half.

What are the ways that you save money in the laundry room?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 

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11 comments to Money Saving Tip – Fabric Softener

  • I use apple cider vinegar instead of a fabric softener.  I use the little Downy ball, and fill to the regular line with the vinegar for a “normal” load.  I do not notice any residual smell from the vinegar either. 

    Now, for Isaac’s bed pads and sheets, I fill the Downy ball full of vinegar, wash as usual; then fill the ball about 1/2 way, and rinse a second time.  I include in this load any clothes with urine or fecal matter.  My boy’s clothes and bedding always smell fresh and clean.  That is very important to me!!! 

    What I really want to know is the following:  how do I make the little woolen balls that reduce static cling?  The vinegar doesn’t help with that at ALL!

    I also dilute my dish soap and hand soap with water.  It lasts so much longer that way!

    I’m loving these short, informative posts!!!  I try to do “short”, but haven’t quite managed it yet! LOL!!!

  • I too use vinegar a lot of the time…
    I dilute almost everything also and I find it does just as good a job!
    Here is one tutorial for making the dryer balls~ there are tons of tutorials if you google  woolen ball tutorial!
    Hope this helps!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  • @ObtainingMercy@Kelleys_Cottage –  – We use vinegar exclusively during the summer months, and I still use it for my towels and cleaning cloths.  I just could not deal with the static clean this fall and winter and started using the diluted Downy for our cloths and sheets.  I’ll have to look into those woolen dryer balls. Thanks, Kelley, for leaving the link to the tutorial.

  • @Kelleys_Cottage – thanks for the link, Kelley! 

  • @copperswife – Ooooo, Cheryl, I just got an email today from Michael’s.  They are having a huge yarn clearance event this week.  I do believe I will be buying some wool yarn to try these dryer balls.  I’ll let you know how it works out! 

  • I am ashamed to admit, that I use TWO dryer sheets most of the year. From about Oct-April it is SO dry here that there is so much static if I don’t.

    I meant to tell you Cheryl…you know how we talked about furniture polish? I tried the new Swiffer brand in the lavender/vanilla and I LOVE it. It works better than Pledge!

  • @tjsNana – Do whatever it works! If it takes two sheets, then it takes two sheets! We don’t have that sort of dry here in the winter, but we don’t have your humidity in the summer, either. Just a different climate. I’ve had to start using fabric softener to deal with the static this winter, and the diluted stuff is doing the trick for me. Can’t wait to get back to plain ol’ vinegar in the rinse water this summer.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I cut my dryer sheets in half too. Tonight after I took my bath I gave Miss Candi her bath. Which is a way I am saving water. Killing 2 birds with one stone.:) Dave was so pleased this month that I cut our household bills in half just by doing a few simple little things. Thanks for all the great money saving post.


  • Hi Cheryl, I have never used the apple cider vinegar (except once I think when I ran out) but the WHITE distilled is excellent. You can use it in place of bleach (it will whiten and sanitize, but I still prefer hydrogen peroxide or its designer label cousin oxyclean LOL) and as fabric softner. Do not use if you have stain you are getting out. I have never had static and maybe it is because I never wash mixed fabrics together with single fabric clothing (it will pill them as well). I have also found a bit of baking soda added does wonders. Hope that helps someone. I have made my own soap and used hydrogen peroxide and vinegar for several years now. If I want a nice smell, I take a bit of essential oils and put on a wash cloth and throw it in the dryer. We saved a TON of money that way.

  • I just realized my comment made no sense. I mean, if you have a shirt that is 100% linen or cotton or something and you wash it with something that is polyester or a mix of polyester and cotton..etc…it will not only pill the shirts but can cause static. Hope that helps 🙂