Just To Be Clear

     Reflecting back on my last post about home keeping schedules, and as I think about home keeping in general, I want to be sure you understand my position.

     Please reread the things I especially highlighted in bold type and large font in my last post on this subject. I’ll make it easy for you and repeat those statements now.

When time is short, determine that clean enough is good enough.


     Our homes should be clean enough to be healthy and orderly enough to be pleasant, but there’s nothing better, in my eyes, than a family home that looks like the family enjoys living there.


     Do not let anyone – me, that woman at your church,  your best friend’s sister’s niece’s cousin, or even yourself –  place unrealistic expectations on you. Our circumstances are all different.

  • A young, or not-so-young, mom with several little ones has far better things to do with her time than to scrub into the corners of her kitchen floor with a toothbrush.  
  • A woman caring for an ailing husband or aging parents doesn’t need to worry about the dust on the table in her dining room.
  • A woman who works long hours outside of her home comes home tired and wants (and needs) to spend her time at home with her family, not cleaning her house.
  •  A mom homeschooling her children is also working a full time job. Give her the same grace that you’d give a woman working full-time outside of her home.

     Caring for our homes is, indeed, one way that we can minister to and care for our families and even show respect and honor to our husbands. However, we do not want to make cleaning our homes more important than our families. As my friend, Jane, said in the comments of that last post, life happens. We need to learn when to let go of our (or someone else’s) expectations about what constitutes a “clean” house when life throws us a curve ball. Remember, we hold our own plans loosely.


     Things happen. Things like the largest tree on your property coming down in a winter storm, just before dark on the day before Spring, and nearly crushing your dairy goat barn.

     Over the last couple of weeks, circumstances have dictated that my husband and I spend a great deal of time revamping our household budget and developing some new financial habits and goals. During that time I’ve only just kept up with the very basics in my home. It’s definitely been a time of “good enough”! Like I said, “Things happen.”.

     A clean, well-ordered home is only one way what we can look well to the ways of our households. There are a great many other, more important ways that we can do this on a daily basis. Let’s not lose site of those!

     In what ways, other than cleaning, are you looking well to the ways of your household this week?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 

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6 comments to Just To Be Clear

  • Well said Cheryl-you get 4 stars in my book!!!!!
    I say this as dog hair is taking over my home!

  • Absolutely in agreement with you Cheryl!  I like to use the saying, “People before things”.  It helps to put things in to greater perspective.  I like to keep Mary vs. Martha in mind too. 

    As for your question, we’ve been trying to work the kinks out of the schedule so that everyone gets their chores and school work done.  The problem is not the getting the things done.  The problem is training the sinful selfish flesh.  The challenge is consistency on my part.  It happens to be a training season for myself just as much as the children as well so that we’re getting the needful things done.  Right now we’ve been without a washing machine for almost 2 weeks.  Last week we loaded up the vehicle and took all the clothes to the laundrymat.  After spending 4 hours there, all of our clothes were done and nicely hung up and put away…for about 12 seconds.  Then the next batch started filling the laundry bins.  LOL  As things have been needful, I’ve washed them by hand while my husband wrings them out for me.  Then they go in the drier or hung on the drying rack.  Let me just say that flannel sheets are very heavy & difficult to wring!  But I am so thankful for his strong hands!  I’ve been having problems with my thumb joints, so he’s helped me with the wringing of hand wash items for about 6 months now.  :0)

    God Bless you Cheryl!


  • Hi Cheryl,

    Right now the way I am looking best after my family is to take care of myself. I am very sick and I need to rest and heal so that is my number one focus. The rest of the time I do what I can each day. I too have come to a place where good enough is ok.



  • such a necessary reminder, cheryl. thank you!

    i find that i’m busier than ever lately and have recentlynoticed (finally opened my eyes..?) that my home isn’tas clean as i’d like – or as my husband would like.truth be told, even though i have a number of projectsgoing on, my off time has been less than meaningfulwhen it comes to necessary responsibilities. hm. idle time comes to mind. yesterday, instead of workingon that new slipcover (which is not necessarily a necessary thing) i began to go through baskets and boxes (all mine) that were, very honestly, littering my husband’soffice. gracious – what a mess. i was ashamed that i’dlet it get to that point. today i’ll finish the job and give thatroom a good cleaning and be done with it. i’m thankfulfor a husband who extends grace – but in this case i tookadvantage of that grace. truth be told.

  • Hmmm…great reminder, Cheryl!  And just to let you know…I have never felt “pressured” by your home-keeping posts…but rather have felt “inspired” and “encouraged” by them, sometimes even “gently convicted”. (but I know that was the work of the Holy Spirit within, not the work of your blog! LOL!!!)   This was a good, good reminder!  THANK YOU!   ~Alesha

  • I was blessed  by my Grandmother’s best friend at one of my wedding showers.  This woman, as well as my Grandmother, were farmer’s wives.  This means that dirt was a constant battle in their homes.  I don’t think dust dared to settle on any surface in these ladies’ homes.  She told me that she wished she had not spent so much time cleaning her home and more time enjoying her family and life.  Some of the best advice I have ever received.  My floors are not clean enough to eat off, but not to worry, because I will not ask you to eat from it.