Grace Filled Growing Pains

     Our children inherit an interesting blend of genetic traits from us. We often tease Corin that she got a “double whammy” by inheriting her sentimental, easily moved to tears personality from both my beloved, late mother-in-love and my own, dear departed dad.  It’s sweet, really, and she bears our teasing well.




     All four of my children endured terrible leg cramps through the years that they were experiencing the most physical growth. They inherited these leg cramp growing pains from their dad. Copper’s vivid memory of the nights he experienced those horrible pains have always made him extremely compassionate for his children’s suffering. We tried various herbs and vitamins, but the thing that worked the most consistently was heating a bath towel in the dryer and wrapping it around their painful legs.


     Growing pains aren’t pleasant, but they are great indicators that growth is, indeed, taking place!


     The last twelve months have been an interesting season of growth for me. It was a time when I experienced a lot of growing pains. Though I knew that those growing pains would, indeed, be for my benefit in the end, they were still tough to go through.


     I clung to verses like this one,

“And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations,
knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance;
and perseverance, proven character;
and proven character, hope;
and hope does not disappoint,
because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts
through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

(Romans 5:3-5 NASB)


     So, here I am on the other side. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. I can now see God’s good hand in all of those growing pains I endured, and I am thankful to Him. So very, very thankful to Him! Hope does not disappoint!


     I won’t share the details of my struggles here. The details aren’t important, but the outcome is! As I’ve struggled to summarize that outcome in my mind, the words came best in this comment I left on a friend’s blog post.


“There’s a tendency at the beginning of every year, at least among women bloggers,
to choose a theme word for the new year. I’ve never entered into that,
but I’m thinking that “grace” would be my word, were I to choose one this year.
it’s not the word I want to dwell on, it’s the GRACE!




I want to dwell on grace!

(To be continued Friday.)

 God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 

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11 comments to Grace Filled Growing Pains

  • I am right there with ‘ya, Cheryl! I have a renewed excitement concerning the Gospel and how it applies not only to my salvation but to my everyday living. I think I shared with you about finishing ‘Because he loves me’ and just started, “Counsel from the Cross”. Jerry Bridges also has an excellent book called, The Gospel for Real Life.

    Our walk with the Lord never gets boring.. does it!?

  • Love it!  I’m in the middle of Because He Loves Me – you might like it!  Or maybe you already read it… 

    Grace, baby!!

  • Great post….

    hey, am I seeing things correctly? Is Will as tall, if not taller, than Aaron???

    My boys had terrible growing pains in their legs too. Kyle grew 8 inches in one school year. His knees and legs hurt awful in the night. At 6’2″ he even had some stretch marks from that growth spirt.

    I guess the more you grow, the more it hurts!

  • i needed to read this. today. thank you.


  • @georgene – Never boring, that’s for sure!

  • @heykristigirl – Heading over to looking into Because He Loves me right now.

  • @tjsNana – Great growth sometimes happens with out pain, but I think that the really meaty, deep down growth, is always accompanied by growing pains. And yet, it’s so worth it in the long run that the pains seem almost pleasant in retrospect.

    In those pictures the boys do appear to be about the same height! Will is not quite as tall as Aaron, but he’s gaining on him. There’s still several inches difference. Still, at just 12, we’re pretty sure that Will will pass his “big” brother up in the next year or two. I’m going to have them back up to one another later to see just how much difference there still is!

  • I had terrible leg cramps as well growing up.  My oldest son experienced them to a certain extent.  I also got them with both pregnancies but a lot with my first pregnancy at 20 years old.

    I love those verses from Romans 5!

    I have also been going through ‘stuff’ and have been a beneficiary of God’s wonderful grace lately.  Thanks for this wonderful post!

    I am so glad you’ve returned to regular blogging, it is a blessing to me.

  • @betheelou – “Stuff” hurts. Grace heals!

  • Cheryl, love this post. Really spoke to me.

    When I was in another country I got the most horrible call of my life telling me my Father had just committed suicide. I had to fly for 28 hours straight, getting on several different planes, to get home. I was a wreck, to say the least. I have never been one to share my emotions or cry easily. I looked like a nut case and people stared and moved away from me. I couldn’t stop crying. Not one person even offered me a tissue. That experience taught me a HUGE lesson. We never know when we may be seeing someone on the WORST day of their life. I believed in the Lord at the time and He held me up, but to look at me you would have only seen the falling down.

    Now when I see someone acting out in anyway, I remember that L….O…..N…G plane ride and the embaressment of not being able to stop sobbing, of not having enough tissues, of people ignoring me and not being able to have any privacy for my grief and I try to think that I have no IDEA what this person is actually dealing with today, so cut them so slack. And yes, if I see someone crying…I offer a tissue and a kind word always.

    I am such a hard head it took this lesson to get it through to me as it is very easy to be judgemental for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Sorry so long. This can be the hardest lesson to learn I think. I have learned what the Bible says,  I have learned the standards. I have learned to hate what God hates…but I am still learning to LOVE the way He loves, to give Grace the way He does. hard LOL.

    Many Blessings Friend 🙂


  • @FormerlyAce – Oh, Ace! I’m so sorry that you had to experience this, but thanks be to God for what you learned in that trial!