Copper’s Day Off

Scripture memory work.


History of the Modern World.


Dani sewing.


Quiet time, well spent, planning future orders.


Trying out new-to-him financial soft ware.

Waffles for breakfast.
Industrious, yet laid back.
Quiet, for the most part.
Copper’s Day Off!

How was your Monday?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 

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2 comments to Copper’s Day Off

  • My Monday was good and it was productive, however it has made my Tuesday start off a little more slowly than usual.  I started exercising with a Pilates dvd yesterday, and this morning, I am SO sore!!!  

    My encouraging hubby says that means I was doing them correctly! hahaha…that is so NOT a consolation!

    Thanks for sharing your Monday with us.
    Obtaining Mercy

  • @ObtainingMercy – Sounds like Doug has a “no pain, no gain” sort of philosophy going. For what it’s worth, I was very sore for the first week or so that I exercised regularly, but I also discovered that I was waking up without a back ache in the morning and that my other joints weren’t hurting during the day either. Once the muscle soreness passed, the benefits of that exercise were profound! Good for you, Alesha, and keep up the good work!