Our Weekly Menu Plan

     Menu planning is made for week’s like last week! Monday evening Copper headed out of town early for a church leadership meeting. Copper’s Dad and his wife joined us Tuesday for a meal. Wednesday Dani put in our garden, and William needed an emergency run to the orthodontist to repair his braces. He also received a scary injury caused by blunt force to his sternum which required our watching him closely for the rest of the day. Thursday the pain in Will’s chest was still bad enough that it required a trip to the doctor, x-rays, a return to the doctor’s office and then sending us home with the knowledge that he’d just suffered some very deep bruising. We got home just two hours before our Discipleship Group from church arrived for our twice a month study. Friday I was under the weather with a tummy bug, which I probably picked up at the hospital the day before.

     Menu planning saved the day for us! We knew what was on the menu and could work ahead a bit whenever possible. I was out of the house for part of the day Wednesday and occupied with watching Will closely all day, and it was wonderful to not even have to think about dinner because it was already planned. Though I was at the hospital all afternoon Thursday, Dani was able to check the menu and get dinner going before I came in. Without a menu plan in place, last week would likely have seen us running out for fast food that was not in the budget and/or eating slapped together, nutritionally lacking meals.

     Menu planning will save the day! Or week, as was the case for me last week!


     Here’s our menu plan for this week, with links to recipes as they’re available. Be sure to visit Menu Plan Monday for more great menu ideas.

     Breakfast: Audrey’s Coffee Cake
     Lunch: Mexican Cornbread Casserole after church, a big platter of Melt In Your Mouth Cookies to share
     Dinner: Wild Dinner (Our typical Sunday evening every-man-for-himself meal)

     Breakfast: Copper’s Monday Morning Waffles
     Lunch: Double Decker Cheese Sandwiches, Chips
     Dinner: Grilled Pork Roast, Ambrosia Salad, Dinner Rolls

     Breakfast: Cereal
     Lunch: German Pancake with homemade Buttermilk Syrup, Fruit
     Dinner: Tuesday Night Tacos

     Breakfast: Scrambled Egg Omelets, Toast
     Lunch: Southwestern Tostadas, Green Salad
     Dinner: Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf (from this cookbook), French Fries, Mixed Vegetables

     Breakfast: Old-fashioned oatmeal
     Lunch: PBJ Sandwiches, Chips
     Dinner: Hot dogs, Green Beans


     Breakfast: Pancakes
     Lunch: Boys’ choice (Dani and I will be in town for the fortnightly marketing peregrination)
     Dinner: Sub Sandwich from the grocery store deli counter, chips

     Breakfast: Cereal
     Lunch: Dani’s Choise
     Dinner: Nachos – A Saturday Night Tradition

     Apple slices and peanut butter
     2 -3 Cuties (Mandarin oranges)
     2 Hard Boiled Eggs

     What’s on the menu at your house this week?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 


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8 comments to Our Weekly Menu Plan

  • My kids love hard boiled eggs, but won’t eat a egg salad sandwich! I think that’s funny. I have a post on my blog about my dinner menu for the week too. Sorry about your son’s injury, sounds very scary. I’m glad it was nothing too serious. We also took a trip to the hospital this past week, Anna got her finger slammed in the door at school. Broken finger and lots of pain! She’s better now. I just started cleaning flower beds and clearing the yard. It’s been too wet here to do much of anything.

  • So glad to here that Will is okay.  I love your menu idea and starting doing mine last week.  I made the Stroganoff Meatballs last night and they were a huge hit!  Blessings, Jill 

  • I didn’t hear about Will’s injury until much later, after the fact, but I have been praying for his healing…I just forgot to tell you so!   So glad he only had bruising, although I can’t even imagine how much that hurt all by itself! 

    Since it’s just the 2 of us eating each week, I make a list of 5-6 dinner meals on the weekend and we buy what’s needed for those.  (I also have freezer meals that I bought during a really great sale that we can choose from too.)  Then each day, we just pick out what we feel like eating.  It has worked really well, since we started working within our budget, too; and we have not dipped into any other “envelope” to eat out since we started the system.  That is really, REALLY good for us!!!

    So glad your meal plan helped your family have a more peaceful week last week; and I’m praying that those emergency trips to doctor and dentist won’t take too much out of your emergency fund.


  • @fourkidsonemom – Ooooo, ouchie for poor Anna’s finger! I hope it heals quickly.

  • @buana – Glad to hear the Stroganoff Meatballs were a hit! They’re very kid-friendly, and I’ve quadrupled that recipe successfully for a crowd, just allowing for a longer cooking time. 

  • @ObtainingMercy – I like your freedom for choosing each day what you’ll have from the selections available. There may yet be a season where that would work for us!  Thanks for praying for my boy, Alesha. He’s doing okay, and it only hurts now if he gets bumped or does something that requires a lot of upper body strength (like a push up…..don’t ask how he knows doing a push up hurts). We actually put aside a bit of money each pay day into our medical budget category to cover insurance co-pays, dental fees, etc., so this little emergency didn’t hurt too badly. 

  • I made your sugar cookies tonight and they were delicious!

    I had forwarded Stephanie your post about the cookies and the recipe, she and Elisabeth tried them right away and highly recommended that Grammie try them soon.  🙂

  • @BrendaKayN – Dani made 10 dozen, that’s 120, Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies for church yesterday and there were only four cookies left on the tray at day’s end.