Holy Habits


I was a bit worried when I began Holy Habits: A Woman’s Guide to Intentional Living. I was worried that the many “holy habits” listed in the table of contents would be just another list of extra-biblical requirements heaped on the heads of today’s Christian woman. I am pleased to say that this is not the case!

Holy Habits, by Mimi Wilson and Shelly Cook Volkhardt, is a book about strengthening and building our relationship with God. The book is beautifully written and filled with practical examples, though not at all a list of “rules” to be followed. Drawing from their own life experiences, the authors help us understand who God is, beginning with a study of some of His many names, and how we can build and nurture the most important relationship in our lives, our relationship with Him.

From the book:

“But remember, practicing holy habits is simply a way to help us keep preoccupied, engaged, absorbed, and engrossed in Him. So many things in our lives become meaningless rituals. Even good things – even holy habits. If the habit is the focus, rather than the Lord Himself, it will be of no transforming value.”

and this quote that really struck me (emphasis mine),

“If my goal would become just knowing God, then He would take care of changing me into a woman of worship, prayer, peace, wisdom, and contentment.”

Holy Habits would be a great book for a group study, and there are study questions at the end of each chapter to help with that. I enjoyed reading it on my own, though, and gained much. I read the Kindle version.

Our relationship with the Lord should be the most important relationship in our lives.
Is that the reality in your life?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27




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2 comments to Holy Habits

  • This is one of my favorite books.  I’ve read it through a couple of times and it is one I take off the shelf when I need spiritual encouragement.  I find something new each time I read it.

    I wondered about it at first because I only knew Mimi as one of the co-writers of the Once a Month Cooking book, forgetting her family was in ministry which is the reason why she started cooking and freezing.

  • I’m going to see if our library has it!