Need Help For the Six O’Clock Scramble?

Six o’clock in the evening can cause near panic in some homes. Dinner isn’t ready, it’s not even started, and you might not even have a clue what you will put on the table for dinner. Sound familiar?

Enter SOS! The Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue, by Aviva Goldfarb! I stumbled across this […]

Copper’s Day Off, Or Not

Copper worked an overtime shift today. We are so thankful to God for providing so much overtime for us in the last few weeks. We are in a season of home repairs, unfinished home projects and tractor breakdowns. The overtime is a huge blessing that is providing us with not only the extra cash we […]

Menu For The Week

We have been on the go lately. It’s not usual for us to be out and about and in town several days each week, but that’s what the last couple of weeks have looked like. I’m happy to be home and pulling things back toward normalcy this week.

I’ve had quite a few questions […]

Put It On The List

An oft repeated phrase in my home is a variation on the theme of, “Put it on the list.”

“Last powdered sugar, Mom.”, followed by my saying, “Put it on the list.”

Or, not quite as pleasantly, “We’re out of…..” insert any number of things that we might be out of, followed by my […]

Dejunking the Junk Drawer

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? Me, too.

I love this quote from Simple Country Wisdom,

“Every kitchen needs a junk drawer, but it doesn’t have to be junky. Use expandable dividers to organize and separate items. What’s the point of having a really good stash of junk if you can’t find […]

Copper’s Day Off – Return of the Deere

My husband worked 45 hours of overtime in the last two weeks, taking only Sundays off. We were glad to have him home today, even though most of the day was spent mowing.


The mower was in the shop for a couple of weeks, but we’re glad it’s back. The spring rains have […]

The Weekly Menu

No fanfare. Nothing special to say this week. Simply put, here’s our menu for the week.

Sunday: Breakfast: Audrey’s Coffee Cake Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwiches and chips after church. We’ll take a huge platter of Dani’s BIG chocolate chip cookies to share. Dinner: Wild Dinner! (Our son’s term for our Sunday evening, every-man-for-himself […]


A warm evening spent reading and relaxing on the front porch.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day!


Immortal Cells and Medical Ethics

One of my goals this year was to broaden the scope of my reading. To that end, I decided to read at least three titles from The New York Times Bestseller’s Nonfiction List, and at least three history/biography books, in addition to my other reading categories this year. As it turns out, the second book […]

Keep Moving Forward

Reaching a goal is a wonderful thing. Reaching a goal means that your hard work, perseverance and determination have paid off. What you do after achieving a goal can be just as important as realizing the goal in the first place.

Combining my blog and web site into one site that was more flexible […]