Copper’s Day Off – Return of the Deere

My husband worked 45 hours of overtime in the last two weeks, taking only Sundays off. We were glad to have him home today, even though most of the day was spent mowing.


The mower was in the shop for a couple of weeks, but we’re glad it’s back. The spring rains have kept the grass growing and our front grass, orchard and vineyard were all in desperate need of mowing.

While my husband mowed, and after all of our daily chores were done, Dani and I tackled our little sewing nook. I forgot to take a “before” shot, but I will tell you, quite honestly, it was a huge mess.

I stacked all of the stuff that had been dumped in the sewing nook onto the kids’ play table in the school room. It just moved the mess for awhile, but it gave me the room to sort things out and put them away.

With all of the mess out of the nook, Dani was able to get in there and dust, clean and straighten up the shelves. Our efforts paid of with one shelf completely cleared. Dani has some projects in the works, and I wanted to give her some shelf space of her own in our little sewing area.

It’s still not quite perfect, but we made good progress. I’m inspired to finish up a couple of projects of my own.

I love the fact that Dani and I were able to not only reclaim our sewing nook with just a couple of hours work, but that we’re also going to be able to start sewing again!

Do you have an area that you can reclaim with just a bit of extra effort? Any sewing and/or craft projects in the works?

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7 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Return of the Deere

  • It looks great. It’s a blessing to have a sewing nook, or room, as my friend does. She gets to keep her ironing board up! I have taken my first sewing lesson from her and am so looking forward to learning this wonderful skill. Blessings to you.

    • Jill, it is a blessing! A few years ago, we transformed our “mud room” into a sewing nook. The mud room was nice, but a place where we can have things readily accessible for sewing is even nicer. It’s tiny, but it’s what we have and we’re grateful. I love that you have a friend who is teaching you to sew. Now THAT is a real blessing!

  • Oh yes! our family room table has become the catch all! Everything that comes down stairs to the family room gets piled here. I am inspired to tackle that big mess this week! Thanks!

  • Your sewing nook looks all nice and neat, just in time for summer sewing.

    I need to do some decluttering and organizing in the room where I do my art and sewing. The room has become a catch-all, and I can’t work surrounded by clutter.

    In the works I have some “Snuggles” (for the Snuggles Project) ready to sew. These are little mats that go in the bottom of cages in animal shelters, to bring a little comfort to the homeless cats and dogs.

    • I hope you can get to your sewing area soon, Becky. It’s hard to be creative when things are cluttered. Hmmmmm……..well, the attorney I used to work for was brilliant and worked best in utter chaos. Drove me crazy! 😉 I’d not heard of the Snuggles Project. It sounds like a neat cause.

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