Dejunking the Junk Drawer

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? Me, too.

I love this quote from Simple Country Wisdom,

“Every kitchen needs a junk drawer, but it doesn’t have to be junky. Use expandable dividers to organize and separate items. What’s the point of having a really good stash of junk if you can’t find what you want when you need it?”

This is exactly what I did when I worked through my Less Than Perfect Kitchen a few years ago.

Things still get just pitched into the drawer, but weeding out the things that don’t belong, and reorganizing the things that do, is a snap with dividers in place.


Yes, I know there’s not that much difference between the “before” and “after” pictures above. That’s just the point! The few dollars I spent for the dividers four years ago, have saved me hours of dejunking time.

In other news, I spent the entire day in town today with Dani. We had a fabulous time, and it was so incredible to watch as God blessed her efforts and plans in tangible, and even dramatic, ways. His love for us continually amazes and awes me.

10 comments to Dejunking the Junk Drawer

  • Great idea! I still have my junk drawer and sometimes it tends to get “junky” but I try to keep things cleaned up…constant job here on the farm!

    • It’s a constant job in every home, I think. My junk drawer in town was in constant disarray, just as it used to be here. A good junk drawer is filled with things folks need and use regularly, and that’s what leads to it getting messed up. It’s a product of its own usefulness!

  • You decluttered your scissors right out of the drawer!!! Where are they? Your house was the ONE place where I could always count on finding a pair of scissors!

    Love you!

    • Corin! The scissors have new, better, homes! One pair is in the cup of pens next to the phone in the kitchen and the other pair is (or is supposed to be) in the cup of pens and pencils on the boys’ table in the school room.

  • You weren’t supposed to tell her where they are now, Mom! It would have been SO much fun watching her rummage through the drawer looking for them. Kind of like when she opens the cabinet where the plates are looking for a drinking glass. Never mind that we haven’t kept the glasses there for almost a decade!!! Thanks again for going with me and listening to me talk to myself without laughing!

    • Thanks for taking me along yesterday. It was lots of fun, even the part when you sat on the floor of the store and talked to yourself! πŸ˜‰

  • I have little boxes to sort stuff in my junk drawer..doesneed cleaning though. U have inspired me.

  • Katie

    OOh! I have one of those organizers… It’s in my desk! But sure would be a good idea in my kitchen junk drawer!! πŸ˜‰

    I love like every one of your topics Cheryl!
    Next… you need your own show Cheryl!! Course… that would get in the way of family, and not be practical… but sure would be useful & fun for the rest of us…. this is funner to talk about than being realistic of course. πŸ˜‰