Keep Moving Forward

Reaching a goal is a wonderful thing. Reaching a goal means that your hard work, perseverance and determination have paid off. What you do after achieving a goal can be just as important as realizing the goal in the first place.

Combining my blog and web site into one site that was more flexible and user friendly was a goal that I set for this year. Even though it was a rather “big” goal, and one that I knew would take a lot of time and work to implement, it was just one of many goals that I set for the year. So, now that the goal for the blog has been achieved, what am I going to do?

I did celebrate achieving that goal, of course! My kids and I had lunch out yesterday, ran a few necessary errands in town, and then stopped for Frappuccinos and Icees on the way home. My husband took us all out for pizza for dinner in the evening.

Today, however was a new day. Laundry needed to be done, books needed reshelving, furniture needed dusting and cob webs required that someone brush them down. Once that was done, and the boys started on school, I spent some quiet time looking over my list of remaining goals for the year. I was able to cross off the blog move, and I crossed off a few other goals for the year, too – broadening the scope of  my reading, ordering and starting a course on DVD, and getting our financial house in order.

A big goal and several smaller goals have been achieved, but I don’t want to lose my momentum! I chose a few new goals to start working on from the list I made in January, and I broke those goals down into some intermediate steps to help me begin working toward attaining each of them. It’s time for me to move on!

I know that I must keep moving forward,  or I will begin to fall backward. I’m using the momentum created in the days (weeks!) before achieving the goal of opening the new site to help me make some real headway toward achieving more of my goals for the year.

Goal setting is an important tool as we look well to the ways of our households. Big goals are great, but small goals are just as important. The key is to remember to keep moving forward.

Move toward your goals. Celebrate them when you achieve them, but keep moving! Use the energy from the victory of achieving one goal to propel you forward toward your next goal.

Are you close to achieving any of your goals? What will you do to keep moving forward?

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18 comments to Keep Moving Forward

  • Oh Mrs. Cheryl! I LOVE your new site!! Great job to you, and of course the ones who helped in more ways then you probably could express to us! Give those helpers a great big double high five from me!!

    Your right. Having a goal is so important! Following through is difficult, yet when we hit that goal ~ it SHOULD be a celebration!!Thank you for that reminder. Too often then not I don’t celebrate ~ I just move on to the next thing on the list, OR keep pushing my goal further out so that I never reach it.

    May God bless you abundantly this week!

  • i’ve set a few key goals for myself and home. the thing that keeps me from attaining those goals? me. simply put. my heart needs to be in line with what God wants and in order to *know* what He wants i need to be in communion with Him. it is then that the goals are viewed in success. that’s my take anyway.

  • Hi Cheryl,
    Thank you for a wonderful post. I have many goals in this season and much work ahead of me. Every morning I put my goals before the Lord and ask him to guide me. Somedays I get weary and tired. However those are the days God gives me an extra dose of mercy and grace.
    Have a blessed day.

  • It’s so important to break down your goals, into smaller goals in order to reach your intended goal..what a help this is and doesn’t make it seem so overwhelming. Loved the post.

  • This was a great reminder for me. Sometimes I forget where I am headed!

    And I love your new blog; especially having your recipes easy to click on and not having to deal with Xanga. Blessings!

  • Thank you Cheryl! The goals we’ve had for this summer’s holidays are fast approaching. Things are moving at a whirlwind pace for me and just now I’m enjoying your very timely reminder about goals and momentum. Thank you!


  • One of my goals this year was to expand the raised bed garden. Financially that just is not possible so instead I improved the present garden. I invested in a couple plastic support structures as well as pretty wired ones and there is room for one small square raised bed we are going to build.

    When Christopher moves out in August, we’re going to paint his room and then use part of it for a room for ME! It will have to also be used as a guest room but we’ll be tweaking that for a year or two. This will give me space for sewing, keeping my laptop to write, etc.

    He will still be in town so I’ll see him a lot but I think he’s a little perturbed at just how much Mother is looking forward to that room! 🙂

    • Wise words, Brenda. It’s important with goals, as with any of our plans, that we hold them loosely. Knowing when to abandon a goal, save it for another season, or revamp it is important.

      I like your plans for Christopher’s room. I know he’ll appreciate coming home and using the “guest” room.

  • Carol

    I was wondering if you could share a little bit on how you personally use onenote. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. why does it seem more complicated than it is…LOL?

  • tammy

    Such a good reminder Miss Cheryl. Thank you , i do need encouragement with goals. We were talkin to the children this mornin about the Gospel. If we could just remember each mornin what God has done for us when we deserved nothing, how much better our days with goals would be. Why do i not remember everyday?? Anyway thank you for you wisdom and sharin your gettin some of your goals crossed off!!! Excellent!

    Can you share what dvd course you will be taking??
    Lord Bless you.

    • We absolutely must look to our own plans in light of God’s word and the Gospel! And then we need to remember to hold our own plans loosely, allowing Him to reign over every area of our lives.

      I’m slowly working my way through a course on short stories from The Teaching Company. I’ve enjoyed it!