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        My family survived two weeks without a menu plan. Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. If I thought of something in the morning that I’d like to make for dinner, I’d find that one or more necessary ingredients were no longer in the pantry or freezer. Too many days I found myself standing at the freezer door in the afternoon looking for inspiration. Freezers are not very inspiring! 

     I didn’t plan to not plan….does that even make sense? Life happened. We ate fairly well. I am glad, however, that a plan is in place for the week ahead.


     Are any of you working your way through the free Gooseberry Patch meatloaf cookbook*? If so, please share what you’ve made in the Meatloaf discussion group on my Facebook page or in the comments here. (If you don’t use Facebook, you can see most of what’s happening on the Copperswife Facebook page in the Facebook box in my right hand side bar.) Oo La La Meatloaf is on Friday’s menu at my house this week. I’ll let you know how it was.

     This week’s dynamics are a bit different, and the menu reflects that difference. My husband will be in Advanced Officer school all week. He won’t be home with us during the day at all, so lunches will be simpler.

     Here we go!

     Breakfast – Audrey’s Coffeecake
     Lunch – Sandwiches & chips after church, with a tray full of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies to share
     Dinner – Wild Dinner! (Our William’s term for our Sunday evening, every man for himself, meal.)

     Breakfast – Waffles
     Lunch – Grilled Ham & Cheese on Sourdough, Chips
     Dinner – Chicken Broccoli Braid, Green Salad, Fruit

     Breakfast – Cereal
     Lunch – Hobo Lunches (Sliced Cheese, Crackers, Sliced Apples)
     Dinner – A belated birthday celebration for CorinStroganoff Meatballs over Brown Basmati Rice, Spinach/Orange/Cranberry/Pecan Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing, Cantaloupe, and Lola’s Homemade Ice Cream

     Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs & Toast
     Lunch – Left over meatballs and rice
     Dinner – Beef Empanadas (from this cookbook ), Spanish Rice, Asparagus

     Breakfast – Old fashioned oatmeal
     Lunch – Macaroni & Cheese, Applesauce
     Dinner – Ham & Bean Soup (using the meaty ham bone in the freezer since Easter), Soft Bread Sticks
     Thursday Treat – Dani will be making Poppy Seed Muffins & Apple Muffins for tonight Discipleship Group meeting in our home and a S’Mores Snack for the afternoon when Corin and my grandbabies visit.

     Breakfast – Pancakes
     Lunch – Left over soup, crackers
     Dinner – Oo La La Meatloaf (from the free* Kindle cookbook ), Roasted Red Potatoes, Italian Vegetable Mix

     Breakfast – Cereal
     Lunch – Chef’s Choice
     Dinner – Nachos – Our Saturday Night Tradition

     (This is posting very late, I know. Our Internet has been out since early this morning. Argh!)

     What’s on the menu at your house this week? Trying anything new?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 

*Please note – as of this writing, this cookbook is available for FREE. However, prices are subject to change, so be sure to check that the cookbook is still free before downloading!  Remember – you don’t need to own a Kindle to enjoy Kindle products. Amazon offers a free Kindle reader app for PCs, Macs, Smart Phones and other devices.



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9 comments to Le Menu

  • OHHHH!!   I need to go download that cookbook!!   I haven’t been doing well with a menu recently lately ,either.   You are right the freezer is NOT inspiring    Thanks for blogging some inspiration!!

  • WOOT!!   I just went and got my cookbook AND it even had free international upload   Many times I have to pay an international upload fee on “free” books!   THANK YOU!!!

  • All sounds yummy.  In previous menus, which I have been looking at for inspiration, you mention spaghetti, but never say how you cook it?  Do you follow specific recipe?  Thanks much and have a blessed day. 

  • @MOM2_4 – That’s great that there was no fee for you! I hope you enjoy the cookbook. 

  • @buana – Ah, Spaghetti! My favorite recipe for spaghetti is from Sue Gregg’s Main Dishes Cookbook  It’s healthy, from scratch, and is ready in about 45 minutes. You’ll understand, I hope, when I tell you that I am right now in a season where browning the ground beef and using sauce from a can or a jar is best for my family. 

  • Your menu looks delicious and it’s got the wheels turning in my head. We also had a off menu week – and it was pretty sad and pathetic around here . We’re so busy with the 4 kids and baseball – that we generally are not here at the same time to eat! I have a goal – and we’ll eat better and healthier this week. Thanks for the inspiration. ~Denise

  • @copperswife – Totally understand about the browning the meat and using jarred sauce!  I am going to check out that cookbook, as I make meals on Sunday to use for the entire week and sometimes have leftovers that I freeze for additional meals.  As I work out of the home, it makes things much easier and we still get home cooked meals. 

  • @fourkidsonemom – Denise, I understand crazy seasons of life! Are there some family favorite meals that you can prepare in advance and then cook, or reheat, in the serving sizes necessary for whomever is home? Empanadas, mini casseroles in individual oven-safe containers, a big sub sandwich that individual servings can be sliced from, all come to mind. I know you’ll figure out something that’s perfect for your family!