Need Help For the Six O’Clock Scramble?

Six o’clock in the evening can cause near panic in some homes. Dinner isn’t ready, it’s not even started, and you might not even have a clue what you will put on the table for dinner. Sound familiar?

Enter SOS! The Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue, by Aviva Goldfarb! I stumbled across this book at my public library, checked it out, twice, and then ordered a copy for myself. Yes, it is that good!

The beauty of this cookbook is that all of the meals are quick to prepare, most are ready in 30 – 45 minutes, and my family has loved every recipe we’ve tried. An added bonus is that the recipes for the main dishes not only offer suggestions for side dishes that complement the entree, but in almost every case, the quick-to-fix side dish’s recipe is including within the directions for the main dish. The author most certainly understands the frustration of not having the complete meal ready to serve at the same time. With her simple instructions, everything is done at the same time.

The Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue is divided into four sections, each section corresponding with the seasons of the year. I love this! The recipes suggested for each season will use produce that is currently in season, resulting in fresher, better tasting produce and, most likely, a lower grocery bill. The index for each season includes five weeks’ worth of menus, too.

Most of the recipes include a “scramble flavor booster” which allows you to spice up or enhance a dish to your family’s taste.

I’ve cooked through a couple of seasons in this cookbook so far, using Aviva’s recipes to introduce some new foods to my family. Thanks to these “kid-pleasing” recipes, cooked greens are now something that everyone in my family will eat. We’ve discovered Gnocchi, some new Asian and Indian seasonings, and some wonderful meatless main dishes.

If there is one thing that I don’t like about this cookbook, it’s that it assumes a small-sized family. I’ve been able to use most of the recipes for my family as is, but some I’ve had to increase by about 25% – 50% to feed five hungry adults. That’s been easy to do, though, and really is a very small problem to work through.

I use the cookbook on its own, but there is also a subscription based web site that not only plans meals from the cookbook for you, but also gives you an organized grocery list so that everything you’ll need is sure to be on hand.

SOS! The Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue: Earth-Friendly, Kid-Pleasing Dinners for Busy Families is truly a family-friendly, mom-pleasing, stress reliever!

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10 comments to Need Help For the Six O’Clock Scramble?

  • to keep from having this craziness in our home I plan a monthly menu (posted on my site. If something comes up and we can’t possibly fix dinner, we have a frozen pizza, burritos, soup and sandwiches…But I am always on the hunt for new recipes. I my just see if our library has this one! Thanks Cheryl!

    • We use a posted weekly menu here, Monica, but this book is a great resource for the gals who don’t menu plan. Even though I do menu plan, this cookbook has still become a favorite for the fast, healthy, yummy recipes.

  • tammy

    This book sounds smart and wonderful and not to complicated! Thanks for the review. I love that ya’ll are enjoyin cooked greens now! I will try to find this at my library.

  • This sounds like a great cookbook. I especially like it that the recipes are divided into seasons. Now to find it at the library….thanks for sharing!

  • A question for you, Cheryl…I wasn’t really interested until you said “meatless”!!! Could you give me an idea of the percentage of meatless/with meat recipes. Would it still be a good buy if you were only interested in the meatless recipes? Also, have you looked at it on Kindle? I’m wondering if I would like a cookbook on my Kindle? Would it be easy to navigate, do you think?

    Thanks – just get back to me when it’s convenient.

    OH, and I found a rainbow at my front door yesterday, in a little white box!!! Will be posting later this week when I have sunshine for the pics…we have a gloomy, rainy day today. They are just beautiful…can’t wait to get Ike’s opinion. ;o)


    • Yeah, the box got there! A couple of the cloths felt a little “stiff” to me, I think because the pattern was a denser knit, but they’ll soften right up with washing.

      I’ll check through the cookbook later and get back to you about the percentage of meatless recipes. Do you do fish, or completely meatless?

      I’ve got a couple of cookbooks on my Kindle, but they were the free Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. They aren’t super easy to navigate on the Kindle, and I don’t know that I’d buy a cookbook for my Kindle. I like being able to sort of flip back and forth through a cookbook and most books for the Kindle don’t have that sort of “flip friendly” feel. I do LOVE it for reading, though!

    • I just did a quick glance through the Six O’Clock Scramble, trying to look through your eyes a bit. There are a lot of fish recipes, close to 25%, I think. Most of the meatless main dishes are pasta based, so I’m not sure if that would meet your needs, either. Any chance of looking for the cookbook in your public library for a first hand look?

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