Put It On The List

An oft repeated phrase in my home is a variation on the theme of, “Put it on the list.”

“Last powdered sugar, Mom.”, followed by my saying, “Put it on the list.”

Or, not quite as pleasantly, “We’re out of…..” insert any number of things that we might be out of, followed by my saying, “Who used the last one?” and “Why didn’t you put it on the list?”

We have a system. Whoever brings in the last of something from our deep pantry storage is then obligated to put it on the grocery list. The system works great, even though my family is known to not that system it to its fullest.

“Keep a pantry inventory, too. When you use the next-to-last can or jar of something from the pantry, add it to your grocery list.”, from Simple Country Wisdom

My system is simple. A magnetic dry erase board on the fridge, with a dry erase marker snapped into the eraser next to it, functions as our running grocery list. Every member of my family knows exactly what is expected, and they don’t have to scurry around to find the tools necessary to use the system. Easy.

Do you have a system in place to keep your pantry and home well stocked with staples and necessities?

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12 comments to Put It On The List

  • This is another one of those areas that I am not consistent in. 🙂 thanks for the reminder!

    • We live thirty minutes from our preferred (ie the store with the best prices) grocery store. That means, the majority of the time, that running out of things means doing without. It wasn’t such a big deal when we lived in town, but consistency here is a must for us.

  • Yes, I have a Predictable Shopping List format that I use. I print a new one out after each Mega Shop day and start putting stuff on it almost right away. It is located on my clip board which is usually beside my chair, unless we go Mega Shopping, then it is with us. LOL

    I have been telling everyone to “put it on the list” too. :0)

  • No! LOL! I need a system, because I’m tired of running out of powdered sugar 😉

    • No powdered sugar! Gasp! (Clutching chest and feigning collapse) Remember those magnetic binders you blogged about years ago? My magnetic dry erase board is from that package, and it’s the only part of that system that has survived.

  • Jeanette

    Hi! I want to tell you how happy I am that you are blogging again! I’ve been reading your blog for 4 years now! It is through your wisdom that I have learned how to look well into the ways of my home. Thank you for the inspiration and please keep blogging!

    • Thank you for your very encouraging words! I’m still “unpacking” a bit here at the new site, and working on finding time in my days to write, but I plan to continue.

  • My general rule of thumb as I am working on getting a good, solid stock of everything from food staples to shampoo is to buy as much as I can when there are good sales, I scour the ads for good buy one get one’s for meat and when I need something rather than buying one shampoo to replace the empty one, I buy two. This way I am developing a nice stock.

    • Tracy – I follow a very similar plan. We work, for the most part, from our pantry and freezer, and then we restock the pantry and freezer when things are on sale.

  • Katie

    I used to use the dry erase on the fridge idea… and loved it at the time, but then I realized I had to take xtra time to transfer that to paper… & thought there still must be a better way, so now I keep a clipboard on the counter, next to the fridge, and we add to it constantly. Not only do we add grocery needs, but errands to add to the errand list, items to the to do list, and so on… This method has worked better for me now.

    I also use a reusable template that has 4 columns, 1 for each store I go to, and according to the floor plan of that store, for time-efficiency, etc. I used to use hand-written copies, w/ the headings/ food-sections within the columns, and some items were automatically written in the template that I know I ALWAYS need to buy, like butter, eggs, toilet paper, pap. twls, etc…..

    Then… I also upgraded from that idea, to even less work on more efficiency by using that same idea, but using a spreadsheet on the PC… and then whenever it’s time for a fresh sheet… whatever I didn’t yet buy, is still on my PC copy.. I then add to it, and print….

    This is working QUITE well. I’m very happy w/ it… although I dreeeeam of a drag-n-drop version!! 😉