Welcome to My New Home!

Five years ago today, I wrote my very first blog post. This blog started out as something silly I was doing with my daughters, but it has changed and grown a lot in the last five years. I had no idea, then, how the Lord would bless and grow Copperswife as we talked about what it means to look well to the ways of our households.

Today the blog and the old web site have become room mates in a new home, with room for both to stretch out a bit.

Dani designed and built this site for me, and I think she did a fabulous job. It wouldn’t have been possible without her! Copper has been a tremendous help, too, helping us move stuff from the old site to the new. Let’s not forget the boys who lugged all the living room furniture out to the front lawn and back the day we took the pictures for the new header. The move has been a family affair. I am blessed!

I hope you’ll do a couple of things right now. First, use the handy buttons in the side bar on the right, just under the picture of me, to subscribe. It’s like jotting a new address down in your address book, only better. The RSS button (the orange one) will allow you to subscribe in the feed reader of your choice, so you’ll always know when there’s a new post here. I use and recommend Google Reader. You can also opt to have new posts delivered to you via email by using that same button. Isn’t that easy? All new posts will happen here, so be sure to subscribe! I’d miss you!

There’s a button so you can connect with me on facebook, too. I share helpful links and pictures on facebook throughout the week that aren’t shared here, and it’s a great place to ask a quick question or to just keep in touch.

Second, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around and see what all we’ve been able to add for you here at copperswife.com. There are tabs at the top of the page to help you find information on several different topics. There’s a nifty “search” box in the side bar so you can search out what you’re looking for just by typing in key words. Those who like to know what’s in my reading basket will find that information in the side bar, as well.

As with any move, there are still quite a few boxes to unpack and some rearranging to do, but that shouldn’t slow things down too much.  The archives from the last five years are very painstakingly being reformatted to this new space. We’ll try to have them available soon. In the meantime, there’s a link to my Xanga archives at the bottom of the sidebar.

Commenting here should be easy. All you need is an email address! I’ll need to approve your first comment, but subsequent comments will post immediately.

Welcome! I’m glad to have you here!

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73 comments to Welcome to My New Home!

  • Spacebunny

    Yay! Welcome to your new home! The new space looks great!

    • copperswife

      Thank you!

    • Ace

      Why Spacebunny, fancy meeting you here….

      Cheryl, the girls have finally grown out of the hats you made them..but they are using them on their new dolls 🙂 How fast they grow.

      Love the new space, I have been checking her on and off. Glad to know you, Copper and the family are all doing well. I will be signing up for your RSS.

      Will you be doing posts on being a Cop’s family member by any chance? Their used to be a women who did devotions online for Cop’s wives but doesn’t anymore. Would love to hear something along that realm if you are taking post requests LOL. Especially in these times..

      Many Blessings 🙂

      • copperswife

        Ace! I’m glad the knitted hats are still being enjoyed by your girls. I don’t know if I’ll post about life with in a cop’s family any more than I already have/do. Maybe. Maybe not. It’s all about how the Lord leads on a day to day basis, really.

  • Welcome to your new home!! I could never comment on your Xanga!
    Karen Twombly

  • Michelle

    Congratulations on the move! I have been reading your blog for about 4 years now but rarely commented because of xanga’s requirement to have an account and although I’ve created one, I don’t use the account regularly so have to look for the sign in information any time I wanted to leave a comment (it was easier to just not leave comments 😉 )
    This was a great surprise and you must have had fun with it-even if it was a lot of work to move the furniture! 😀

  • Michelle

    BTW-I love the picture of you–red is a good color on you!

  • Debra

    Absolutely love the new look, and new site. Bright, easy to read and so roomy. Your family did a great job.

  • Beautiful, gorgeous, I love it!

    No wonder you told me a link to the Home Library article would be available soon. 🙂

    • copperswife

      Thank you! Did you find the new link for the Heritage Library article? I updated the article a bit,too.

  • Wonderful new site, Cheryl! I love your new home – so neat & organized, just like you. ☺

    Many blessings to you and your household.

  • Wow what an incredible great job you and your family have done!!Now I’ ll enjoy visiting here even more.
    Sending you a big hello from across the “pond” ..the Netherlands or Holland as some say.
    Thank you for all your great posts and I sure will subscribe.

    • copperswife

      So fun to hear from you! The woman who taught me to knit, more than twenty years ago, was originally from the Netherlands. I loved her stories about home.

  • WOW, WOW, WOW. I love it!!! I was so sad when you stopped blogging for a time, as I have received so much helpful information from you and your site! This looks so amazing and I can’t wait to look around. I also will be referring to your old Xanga site, as I love rereading your household tips. Blessings to you in your new “home”.

    • copperswife

      Thank you, Jill. In time, we hope to have all the old Xanga content tagged and reformatted to this new space. I want everything readily accessible in one place!

  • I love your new home! 🙂 What a clever way to make the change!

  • One more thing..what a beautiful picture of you!

  • Elizabeth V.

    Happy new home!!
    Your blog has been such a source of encouragement, teaching and occasional conviction over the last few years. I have been greatly blessed by your writing! Thank you for over the snapshots into your world as you walk the road of life.

  • Irene

    Love it, Cheryl. Now I can’t wait to go back and re-read some of your old posts that I enjoyed before!

    • copperswife

      Thanks! I’m hoping to get the old posts tagged, reformatted and uploaded soon. It’s a lengthy process, but we’re working on it.

  • Carol

    I love the new look. : ) Which webhost are you using?

    • copperswife

      The domain is registered at Go Daddy, and the site is hosted at Bluehost. I’ve received great customer service from both of them these last few weeks.

  • Love it! You are already locked and loaded in my blog feed!
    Question for you: does this mean that Copper is blogging again thinking about his blog? Will the ex-goatmilker begin a new series on “how I helped my mom move?”
    Love the new site!

    • copperswife

      The man? Blog? Now, that’s funny! I’m amazed at Dani’s self-taught html css fttp qrstuvwxyz skills. The woman is impressive. I do wish she would blog more.

  • tammy

    Love it!! Thankful too :-).

  • Hi Cheryl,
    What a beautiful new home. I just love the picture of you. So very pretty. Dave has been watching the Tour of Ca.I looked for you in the race thinking that maybe the surprize. The only woman in the race.:)I have missed you lately. I am getting stronger and healing one day at a time.
    Have a wonderful day.

    • copperswife

      It is SO good to hear from you. I’ve been worried. I’m glad you’re recovering. Did you get my email sent around Easter? The Amgen Tour is buzzing all about our area, but I’m no where near it. Can you just see me clunking along on my beach cruiser amidst the racing bikes?

  • Kristi

    Your new home is lovely!! I love your profile picture – red suits you 🙂 Thanks for all your encouraging words, Copperswife!!

  • Congratulations on FIVE years of blogging, Cheryl! That is quite an accomplishment!

    And Welcome to your New Home on the interwebby! It’s just lovely here, and I am so delighted for you. Everything is very clearly laid out, the header is adorable, and I am SO loving the new “CW” logo in those fabulous patriotic colors!!!

    Dani, take a bow, please!!! You have done a wonderful job of decorating for your mama here in her new space. 🙂

    It was a wonderful surprise, and the suspense was well worth it! I’m so glad you kept us all guessing until the very last day – SO FUN!!!

    May God richly bless your ministry here,

    • copperswife

      Thank you, Alesha! The logo was Dani’s idea and, like most of her ideas, I LOVE it!

  • ***very*** nice! and here i thought something outrageously mysterious was transpiring. silly me. :o)

    • copperswife

      Jane, my friend, of all the guesses as to what was going on, your’s was the only one that made me laugh right out loud!

  • Welcome to your new home! Many times I have wanted to leave a comment, but was unable. Looking forward to seeing you settle in.

  • Hi Cheryl,
    I didn’t get your email. I just sent you an email to update you on what has been going on. Thank you for your concern.
    Yes I can picture you on your bike among all the riders.:) Nothing you do surpises me. You are an amazing woman.

    • copperswife

      I’ll look forward to hearing from you! (Email woes here today, but our provider says they’re working on it.)

  • Nancy

    Oh Cheryl! I love your new home! I have benefited so much in the last few years from your book recommendations, recipes, household tips, and all-around wisdom. I love the new look of your “Reading Basket”!
    Looking forward to being able to comment more easily,
    Nancy in Santa Rosa, CA

    • copperswife

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your mentioning the book recommendations and reading basket. It’s good to know that those have been helpful.

  • So happy for you. It should be much easier to comment now. I never could get Xanga to work either. Your blog has been a great blessing to me.

    • copperswife

      Knowing that it would be easier for folks to leave comments was a huge factor in this move.

  • Bren

    I love EVERYTHING about it!!! It is a beautiful site to match all your beautiful wisdom! May God pour out His blessings upon your new “home”!!!!! Love you!!!♥

  • Dearest Mama,

    May I be pre-approved to comment here if I promise not to spam you? How ’bout if I don’t promise? Will you pre-approve me then?

    Congratulations on your move! Love you lots of many!

    • copperswife

      Dearest Daughter and First Born Child,

      Since you asked so nicely, yes, you may be approved to comment. No spam allowed, or I’ll have to wash your keyboard out with soap.



  • “Corin
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    ^ That makes me feel like a troll! LOL

    • copperswife

      #456 on our list of things still “to do” for the new site, is to see if I can write a personal message for folks leaving a comment, and #457 is to do the same thing for comments waiting to be approved.

  • LOVE IT! Already resubbed 🙂

  • Hi Cheryl, great new website but I was still hoping for a Coke party, would love to meet you in person…maybe someday…the amgen came here to Modesto today but I am home sick so didn’t go down to watch, watched it at home on tv. Guess I can go ahead and take my cold coke out of the fridge now. You have been such an inspiration to me when I get down there are a few blogs I go and read and they just seem to uplift me so and yours is certainly one of the first I go to. Blessings,Joann

    • copperswife

      One of these days we’ll get together. You can have your Coke, and I’ll have a Pepsi. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Kimberly

    Cheryl, this is so exciting! I was also one of those who couln’t comment on xanga. Everything looks wonderful and I love your new picture.

  • I love your new home, Cheryl!! I am so glad to be able to comment now, as I couldn’t on Xanga.

    • copperswife

      Thanks, Manuela! So does yours! It looks like we were both working on similar projects at the same time.

  • Meg

    Gosh! This is so neat! GREAT JOB, O TECH-Y ONE!!!!!!

  • copperswife

    Thanks, Meg. It was a group effort, but Dani did all the tech-y stuff.

  • Can number #458 be to put a subscribe to comments button on here?

  • […] Breakfast: Cereal Lunch: Guys on their own (Dani and I will be out most of the day. With my project now behind us, it’s time to work on her project.) Dinner: Taco […]

  • Hi, Cheryl…LOVE the new look! Very easy to read, and like others have said, your photo is very pretty, and the blog decor is wonderful.

    I was rarely able to comment on Xanga, even though I’ve followed you for a few years now.

    Looking forward to following along here now. 🙂