Copper’s Day Off

Copper planned a full day of errands today. The weather was glorious, and everything was accomplished well before dinner time. Yeah for us!

The day started with a hay run. Copper headed to the hay broker while the boys finished up their morning chores.

When he got back, the hay was unloaded and stacked in our little feed barn. Since it’s spring, we only buy our hay a trailer load at a time; but in the winter months, we like to lay up a good stock pile of hay before the rainy season.

We’re only feeding thirteen sheep and two, older Nubian goats, so there’s not a lot of hay required. I love these two.

Hello, handsome!

Unfortunately, this seems to be our year for outdoor equipment failures. First the tractor broke a front axle, and then our regular lawn mower went on the fritz. The tractor was repaired a few weeks ago, but the lawn mower repair guy said that our almost twenty year old mower would be more expensive to repair than it would be to replace. Ouch.

My husband found a nice replacement mower, which was affordable only due to the Lord’s provision of overtime in the past few weeks.

Copper and Aaron put it together and fired it up to be sure it worked. It did! (Two handsome fellas, don’t you think?)

We picked up shelving for the church plant we’re a part of. There are less than three weeks remaining until our first service. We also bought nine gallons of paint for our front hall way, entry way and dining room project. I can’t wait until the first paint is rolled on the walls!

There was another purchase today. My husband spoils his wife!

It was a grand day. There was even time for Dani and Will to swim before dark.



How was your Monday?

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10 comments to Copper’s Day Off

  • I love hearing all about your church plant. Will you be staying with the plant or are you helping it get started and staying with the home church? Our church planted a church last year. Exciting, exciting to watch God work and provide!!!It’s a good lesson on spiritual warfare as well!!
    Was your gift an ITouch or and IPhone? (I am electronically challenged!) 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!
    Karen Twombly

    • We will definitely be staying at the new/plant church. We’ve been driving for more than an hour to our home church for the last several years. The church plant is in the city where we do the majority of our shopping, and is only about fifteen minutes from home.

      My lovely gift is an iPhone. I tend toward being electronically challenged, too, but I’m determined to not fall too far behind my kids where technology is concerned. I’ve had the silly phone for less than 24 hours and I’m already wondering how I managed without it. 😉

  • I know what you mean about your year for equipment failures. It has been one thing after another here on our farm. We have a JD mower too and we had what we thought an ignition problem. turned out the mice had chewed the wires on the ignition switch…tractors all being worked on. We had some good storms roll through here yesterday. My clothes line is all bent down. It is one of those umbrella types, to save space in the yard. Moved the cows from one field to another, rotating pastures to allow more growth…That was the extent of our Monday.

  • tammy

    Hey Miss Cheryl, Tell us about your sheep. Do you shear them? Do you keep the wool or sell it? In the first pic everything is so green and beautiful. It has been stinkin hot here in the south for many, many days and it isn’t even summer yet! Ah, well that is the south!! The church plant sounds wonderful. I pray all will go wonderfully well. How many families will be part of the new plant? We are wondering about how to go about something like this. Do you already have a pastor/teacher for the plant? If these questions are to personal i totally understand. Thanks for sharin your day with us.

    • If it’s green in a picture, it’s because it’s watered regularly. We’ve had a very, very, very mild spring, but the warm – hot weather has now started.

      We do have a pastor/elder coming with us. Our new church is being planted by our current church. One elder is coming with us full time, and the other elders will visit on a rotating schedule. We’re not sure, exactly, how many families are coming with us from the old church. There are at least six, and maybe more. There are also several families that live even further from our current church than we do, who are looking forward to checking out the church plant.

  • Spacebunny

    I admit, my first thought on seeing the first picture with the mower behind the trailer of hay was “how long was your grass before you mowed it!” ;^)

    I would love to hear more about the sheep as well. In our area we see many homes with ten or fewer sheep, sometimes only two or three and I’ve often wondered what they do with them. My oldest daughter would LOVE to get a couple of sheep, but I don’t think she’ll be able to talk her dad into it.

  • Grrrr…I keep missing your new posts! I think I do not like how Network Blogs is lumping them all together, rather than just posting them when they go up on the site. I do scroll down through the huge list, but I missed 3 out of your last 6 posts. Don’t they know that is not acceptable??? ;o)

    I am super delighted with your iPhone. I know you will enjoy it. I have all of my calendar events and daily reminders in my phone, with alarms (pretty sounding ones) set to go off throughout the day, so that I don’t forget to do things. I don’t know how I managed without it, either!

    LOVE the close-up of your sheep!!! 😉

    • Ooo, Alesha! Sorry that you missed some posts. Following blogs on Facebook doesn’t always work too well. Some days Networked Blogs lumps 20 new blog posts all together, and other days there are “re runs” mixed with new posts. I love Google Reader for following blogs. So far, it hasn’t failed me.

      And oh, my, I love my iPhone! I had no idea of all the things it was capable of, and the ability to set multiple alarms for different things throughout the day? That alone saved me tons of time yesterday. I love the seamless syncing between my laptop programs and my phone, too. Google calendar syncs just a tad slow, but having it on my phone and on my laptop is such an asset for me. I sound like a silly school girl, don’t I? hahahaha