Gracious Living

“Most of all, someone has taken the trouble to make things nice – to fluff up the pillows, fill a vase with flowers, put down freshly laundered throw rugs, or set a pot of potpourri to simmer. These little grace notes of sight and scent do more to make a home feel gracious and expansive than all the expensive furniture in the world.”,
from Simple Country Wisdom: 501 Old-Fashioned Ideas to Simplify Your Life
and entered today into my Commonplace Book.

I’m taking some time today to add those sweet little grace notes to my own home. Roses from the front yard, scented candles burning here and there, and freshly laundered afghans over the backs of the couches and chairs. It’s a rather cool day, but I have a few windows opened to let in the rain-sweetened fresh air.

I’m thankful that the Lord allows small, simple tasks to offer such big, pleasurable returns!

What small thing can you do in your own home today to make living there more gracious?

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5 comments to Gracious Living

  • Bren

    LOVE this post!! Such hospitality you have shown to that little guest on the rose! 🙂 Too sweet. Your roses are just gorgeous! Mine are just beginning to bud and I look forward to a pretty bouquet to grace my table.
    Wonderful quote.

  • I was, actually, disappointed when I went out to cut my roses yesterday. There were hundreds and hundreds of them, but the rain had spoiled almost all of them. The few that you saw were all that were salvageable. The little ladybug came in on the roses, went back outside for the picture, and was deposited on my orange tree before the roses came back into the house. That’s about as hospitable a treatment as she was going to get!

  • Hi Cheryl,
    I love to do the little things to make our house a home. I have a new blog. When you have time please stop by for a visit.
    Have a wonderful day.

  • tammy

    Your roses are beautiful! Right now i am enjoying hydrangas from a friends yard (she was lovely and gracious to offer some to our fam!). We had company this weekend from outa town for our daughter’s homeschool graduation. I lit my candles, made some good food, and tryed to engage our company. For me eye contact is precious. I feel welcomed when i enter any home and the host looks into my eyes in greeting and and while we visit. Does that make sense?? For asthetics i love the simple things like, flowers, candles, but also to see some favorite books on a table, a small lamp on, scripture written as a reminder posted around the house. Simple things. A great post and reminder Cheryl, thank you.

    • What you wrote about making eye contact definitely makes sense! I’m sure your company felt very welcome in your home. I love your ideas of what makes for a beautiful home, too. Favorite books on a table, Scripture posted here and there….yes!