Keeping A Loose Grip

Today finds me wondering not only where my week has gone, but where the first half of June has gone, too. Whooosh! Those days have just flown by.

My own plans for the last couple of weeks have been held with a very loose grip. You are remembering to hold your plans loosely, aren’t you? Oh, ladies, can I just tell you that I have learned that holding onto our own plans tightly can bring a lot of stress and grief and even heart break?

There is great freedom in knowing that God’s  plans for you are so much better than any plans you can dream up on your own. Trust Him!

The mind of man plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps.
Proverbs 16:9 (NASB)

Copper is a deacon at our church, and he’ll serve in the same capacity at our new church. I’ve been the church librarian for several years, but I’m happily handing over that job to a wonderful, capable young woman. My husband and I have had several library related tasks that we needed to take care of before the church plant, and time had gotten away from us. We spent a few hours yesterday resurfacing damaged DVDs and CDs, replacing broken cases, repackaging things in a more shelf-friendly format, etc.

You do know about disc repair machines, don’t you? I didn’t know about them until Corin used hers to rescue a computer CD that we thought was ruined. They are a bit pricey, but they can save your investment in your movie, music and software collections in the long run.

We’ve kept a small herd of Barbados Blackbelly Sheep for a dozen years or more. They are small, tolerate our valley heat well, breed easily and they are very low maintenance.

The sheep put on a heavy coat of hair, not wool, in the winter, which they shed in the spring. No sheering! They’re beautiful once they’ve shed completely, but some of them look pretty rough while they’re in the process. Just now, one of our ewes is sporting what looks like a fur stole over her shoulders, but she’ll lose even that in the coming days.

We keep these sheep for fire protection, mostly. We have about two and a half acres of property that we don’t use, and that we don’t irrigate. Grass fire danger is high in our area during the summer, but the sheep keep the poor quality grass (weeds, really) under control so that we don’t have to pay someone to disc our field ever year.

They aren’t a meat breed and they don’t make good pets. Our herd is almost wild. They are fun to watch, though, and our neighbors enjoy them, too.

Make plans! Planning is important. Just remember Who it is that directs your steps.

Are you holding your plans loosely enough?

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10 comments to Keeping A Loose Grip

  • Nancy

    A disc repair machine! I had never heard of such a thing! It sounds like it would be a good investment.
    Thanks for the tip!

  • I can’t believe June is half over! Just this morning, I was looking at a stack of CDs I wanted to transfer to my husband’s mp3 player six or seven weeks ago. I thought I’d at least get them done the week he was at our daughter’s (when they flew him out so he could drive their older van home for us to use when they bought a newer one).

    He’s been home over a week now and I still haven’t gotten to them. It made me wonder even then where the time has gone. Sometimes I feel someone pressed the fast forward button. 🙂

    • I know what you mean, Brenda. I’m just grateful that I’ve learned, after too many years of stressing about it, to not stress about it. Peace is better.

  • Hi Cheryl,
    I too am learning how things can change on a dime. I think when I make my plans God just laughs at time.
    Have a wonderful week end.
    Mrs. E

  • Carla C.


    Your website encourages me so very much. I have 2 young children and am a stay-at-home Mom–during their naps, I log on to see what kind of entry you have made and for some reason, your site just calms my soul (something very needed after a morning of chasing 2 little ones!!! Thank you so much!

    Carla C.

  • tammy

    Your sheep are beautiful. Interesting breed too. I did not know that CD repair was possible, i am glad to know now though :-)! My plans, i do like to plan (except menus, but that is growing), what i have found is that i need to be so very careful about my expectations!! I can get greatly disappointed if i have not kept my thoughts in balance. Thinkin rightly is not a natural thing for me. Rightly as in Biblical, i must focus on it, and then after (how many years) awhile it comes more naturally. I believe it is kinda the same thing about plans and holding them loosely. It can bring heartache (has) and anger~life is to short not to hold them loosely. I wish i had that wisdom as i grew up. My young adult years in Motherhood and marriage would have been SO much better. God saved me when i was about 23 how VERY grateful i am that over the years through His word and Godly teaching and influence He has imparted bits O wisdom. Thank you so much for this precious reminder to hold on loosely.