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I’ve been so busy working on the Menu Planning Series, I left planning my own menu for the week until the very last minute! I was away at my weekly planning time at Starbuck’s on Saturday afternoon and realized I had only a few meals planned. I sent Dani a quick email for a couple of luncheon ideas (English Muffin Melts, yum!). I had a few meal ideas jotted down in my Menu Planning folder on One Note, too, which I was able to plug into the plan for this week. It only took about 20 minutes to pull it all together.

I’ve really appreciated all of the questions and comments you’ve sent my way about menu planning. I’m hoping to answer your questions as the series continues. This week we’ll take a look at several different menu planning methods, and then we’ll get to work putting those ideas on paper (or computer screen) for a menu plan for your family.

We’re in a very busy season – Dani is away, off and on, for a few days this week, and she’s busy preparing items for her Etsy shop. Copper is busy with preparations for the church plant we’re a part of, and the boys are still hard at work on the year’s homeschool work. Me? I’m in the middle of all of that, plus laundry, homemaking, cooking and enjoying life! It’s a full schedule, but it’s all good. I’m blessed!

Here’s our menu. Be sure to visit this week’s Menu Plan Monday for oodles of menu plans and tons of inspiration!

Breakfast: Apple Muffins
Lunch: Sandwiches & Chips, and a big platter of Peanut Butter Cookies Dipped in Chocolate to share
Dinner: Wild Dinner (Every man, woman and child for himself)

Breakfast: Waffles
Lunch: Loaded Baked Potatoes
Dinner: German Pancake with homemade Buttermilk Syrup, Link Sausages

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: English Muffin Melts (turkey, baby spinach leaves, cheese – melted under the broiler)
Dinner: Taco Tuesday

Breakfast: Fried Eggs & Muffins
Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Green Salad
Dinner: Meatloaf Shepherd’s Pie (from the Gooseberry Patch Meatloaf Cookbook), Mixed Veggies

Breakfast: Rolled 5 Grain (a hot, cooked cereal)
Lunch: Mac & Cheese, Fruit
Dinner: Hot Dogs, Fajita Fries, Cucumber Slices with Ranch Dip

Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch: Boys on their own while Dani and I are in town
Dinner:  A Sub Sandwich from the grocery store deli

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Chef Dani’s Choice
Dinner: Nachos

What’s on the menu at your house this week?

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4 comments to This Week’s Menu

  • Hi Cheryl,
    Looks great. I like simple and easy. I posted my menu today and gave you a plug for your menu planning post. They are great. Have you seen the new My Plate site?
    It has some great ideas too.
    Enjoy your week.

  • tammy

    Cheryl, do ya’ll have several things the same each week. I think that is what i am seeing. Routine (which can be so very good and such a blessing), in menu planning is part of the process? I think this may be a big place i get stuck. Thinking well we had *this* last week so we need something different. How do you balance routine weekly meals with variety. In the name of variety i see that i freeze up ,not knowing what else to fix. HELP!!!! Again i am so grateful you are addressing this :-)!

    • Some of our menu items are the same every week, but not all. This gives us plenty of variety. I’ll be covering that, hopefully, as my series continues.