Thoughtful, Busy and Lots Going On!

My head is swimming with projects. Projects to complete in my home that have been languishing for months. Knitting, quilting, embroidery and sewing projects are filling my head, too. I’m jotting them all down, making notes so that they’re not forgotten. I’m adding just a couple at a time into my “creative goals” for the year, so that I can manage them well.

I’m itching to cut the fabric for my quilted table topper, start a new knitting project (I’ve a couple to choose from), and I’m ready to get back to work on Dani’s embroidered dish towels, too. I’ve pulled those project together in a small basket, so I can quickly choose one to pop into the basket I take along when I head out the door.


Copper and I got away for a couple of hours yesterday and made some plans to finish our front hall/entry way/dining room project. Buying paint and light fixtures is on the calendar for early next week. Paint, people! In actual colors!

Our weather has finally turned the corner and it’s very warm. I know that I’ll soon be spending afternoons reading, knitting, or embroidering by the pool. The weather has been so horrible that I’ve not even begun to put my little pool side area into order. A couple of hours, a bit of elbow grease, and a few, new flowering plants will do the trick.

In the meantime, there are still clothes to wash, boys to homeschool, meals to prepare, and a house to clean (and in all honesty, there’s not been nearly enough of that last one going on this week).

So how are you doing? Good? I hope so. If a spot of encouragement would do you good about now, Kendra has an outstanding post for you. It’s the most encouraging piece I’ve read in quite some time. It was written, specifically, for the stressed out homeschool mom, but I think Kendra’s message will encourage everyone. I hope you’ll read it.

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10 comments to Thoughtful, Busy and Lots Going On!

  • tammy

    Love the embroidered towels!! What a treasure for Dani. I look forward to the transformation in you entry way project, i love paint! I perked up an area out back this year, it was BAD need. A few plants and flower pots helped hugely!! Busy time blessings to you.

    • Dani has been very patient with me finishing her dish towels. I love to embroider, once I sit down and start stitching, but I seem to always be looking for something else to do instead. Shame on me.

  • tammy

    OK, i just read the post linked above. You are right, it is outstanding. Our life is about the Gospel, so should our homeschooling be. Why is this so hard to focus on day by day?? As God is growing me i hope that it just becomes who i am. God made a way, he saved the most wretched (me), he imparted his Holy Spirit, i stand amazed and terribly humbled(praise God). It is a miracle and in Christ we can!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for linking.

    • It is, really, always and in all ways, about Jesus. Do you know Kendra’s blog, Preschoolers and Peace? It’s not just about preschoolers, not by a long stretch. Kendra has eight children, 3 – 18, and she shares from her heart for other homeschooling moms.

  • Sandy Kahler

    Love the Alice in wonderland embroidery project. What fun!

  • Oh my! Such a busy time of year here on the farm. We have cut our first patch of hay. A small one so that we can make sure that all the equipment is in good working order. Of course there are problems so we are working on some of it and others have been sent to the shop. I love to read so a lot of my crafty projects, crocheting and needle point have been put on the back burner until fall and winter at least. I do my best to keep up on the house work with my home journal to keep me on task. I have to split my time between helping hubby outside and managing the home. Thankfully I have 2 daughter who are “learning the trade”. Busy busy busy time of year! We still find a little time to enjoy the pool to cool off! Hope you enjoy yours!

    • I’m sure life on a farm is busy year round, but especially so during the non-winter months. They’re cutting hay all around me, too. I can smell it in the air! What a blessing that you all can work together.

  • tammy

    Hey Cheryl, I was not familiar with Kendra’s blog before today. If it is like the linked post i will visit often. Most times having the internet drives me crazy (cause i can waste alot of time), but this kind of encouragement is precious and i am so very thankful. It is me what needs to be more disciplined and be blessed by the good that is offered on the computer. Thanks again <3.