Copper’s Day Off

The weather today was delightful. Sunny, warm, breezy. We were able to leave the windows open all day long, allowing the fresh air and the sounds of the wind chimes dancing in the breeze to fill our home.

It was, officially, my husband’s day off, but he’s been on vacation for the last week. It’s been nice having him home all day, every day, and we’ll miss him a lot when he heads back to work later this week.

I’m working on finishing up the Menu Planning Series, and I want to show you some of the things we’ve been working on in our home, and a couple of new things I’m working on, too. We’ve been busy!

Today, though, I’m enjoying the end of my husband’s vacation in a laid back, working at home sort of way.

How was your Monday?

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5 comments to Copper’s Day Off

  • tammy

    Good to have ya postin again :-)! Love, love, love havin the windows open! One of the simple joys in life. I rejoice with you over the vistors comin to the church plant. Look forward to seein the good fruit of ya’lls workin vacation!

  • I am so glad that you had a nice staycation! Isn’t our weather beautiful right now? My week is a little busy with state fair, but my Monday was a good and profitable day. I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoy it when you blog about the simple, yet important things you do around your house to make it a home. Blessings!

    • Are you or your children exhibiting at the state fair this year? I’ve not been for several years. Maybe we’ll save up and go next year. We hoped to do the county fair this year, but Dani was so busy with her new Etsy shop that she didn’t get any photographs entered. Maybe next year! I love out little county fair!

      Thank you, Charlotte, for letting me know what you enjoy reading here. That sort of feedback is helpful, and encouraging, to me!

      • My children have their rabbits there this week with 4-H. And I understand about the price….my 4-H children get in on their exhibitor credentials, and my husband and other children get in by volunteering to man the 4-H booth for a shift! I think we will take a break and only do county fair next year. And I agree, our county fair is so cute, manageable and affordable. 🙂