Copper’s Day Off – Long Day Edition

Sunday, after church, Aaron took what he calls an “epic” spill while playing Ultimate Frisbee. He’s seventeen, and it’s been a number of years since I’ve seen his knees quite as skinned up as they are now. He kept playing, though. After the game, I found out that he’d hurt his wrist in the fall, too. It was a bit swollen, so we iced it and he took some Motrin and we waited to see how things were this morning.

He awoke with the wrist still very sore, very swollen and quite black and blue. After a quick call to book an appointment, we headed to the doctor’s office. She took one look, suspected a fracture and sent us off for x-rays.

We’re all very thankful that the wrist is not broken. It’s sprained, badly, so the doctor splinted it and gave us some care instructions for the next several days.

Aaron and I enjoyed a late lunch out, just the two of us, after it was all said and done. There’s a cute picture of him at lunch on the facebook page.

I got home late in the afternoon, and didn’t accomplish much else the rest of the day. Holding my plans loosely, and thankful that my son’s wrist will heal quickly. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day.

How was your Monday?

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4 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Long Day Edition

  • I felt very energetic on Monday – for which I am really grateful! I was able to do a little reorganizing of the laundry area and one closet. Isaac’s caregiver and I had a hands-on tutorial about how to insert his button. (we used the one he pulled out on Sunday as a visual aid! that was actually quite helpful!) I cleaned off my desk, which seems to get snowed under every weekend – it is obviously the landing strip in my house! I also made us yummo tuna sammies for lunch, with tomato and lettuce. Doug and I played dueling games of Garden of Time on FB in the evening! He just CROWS when he beats my high scores!!! 🙂

    That was it, I think, but all in all, a pretty good Monday! SO grateful that Aaron’s wrist was not hurt any worse! Praying it will heal quickly and completely.


  • Mine, as you know, was pretty much the same as yours! LOL~ OH, these BOYS!

    • Yep, boys! So thankful for good medical care, and for a good natured teen who let me take a picture of him in the little kids chairs in the pediatrics office waiting room.