Little Things I Loved About Today

I love when the phone rings with one of my grandbabies calling. I love it even more when it’s one of the boys, ages 9 and almost 8, calling for their Uncle William. Today the 9 year old called and he and Will played a private, on-line game together for awhile. With only three  and four years separating my oldest grandsons from my youngest son, the potential of their being true, life-long friends is high. I love that!

I love when I lose my tunnel vision and see things in a broader sense. The “shop” on our property was in pretty rough shape when we moved in thirteen years ago, and time has not helped its condition. I walk the pathway between that rusty, metal shop and our small, storage barn (which needs a coat of paint) several times a week as I head out to move water in the berry patches, or change the drip line irrigation in the vineyard. My tunnel vision focuses in on the condition of the buildings and the broken down garden bench in front of the barn .

Today, though, I realized that the broken down bench is a favorite napping spot of our very old cat. She loves the thing, and I have to admit, she did look quite content sleeping there all afternoon. As I watched her, I realized how pretty the branches of the wild plum trees were that shade her bench and the path between the two buildings, and how much I really do appreciate that shade on hot, summer days. I love this view now!

In a year where there is no extra money for buying flowers and new plants for the yard, I love it when a stray “volunteer” pops up in a pot. Once upon a time, I had Petunias cascading from this hanging planter. Last year, I planted a spider plant in the pot. This year, as the spider plant began filling in after dying back over the winter, one pretty petunia joined it. I didn’t have the heart to pull it out this spring, and I’m glad now that I didn’t. It’s such a fun splash of color.

I love baking something special for my family! I even enjoy washing up afterward. This afternoon, while the cake baked, I hand washed all of the mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, etc., and left them to dry on the counter on a flour sack towel. I sprayed and wiped all of my counters clean, sprayed and wiped my stove clean, and then dried and put away the things I’d washed. It was, really, just a matter of looking well to the ways of my household, but I loved every bit of it!

I loved enjoying the cake with my family in the evening! Here’s the link for the recipe for the Chocolate Almond Cake.

I love that my husband has now been home for three of his four scheduled days off for the week. I know he’d like to pick up an overtime shift, but I love that he’s been home.

What little things did you love about today?


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9 comments to Little Things I Loved About Today

  • I loved this Cheryl. Thanks for sharing about the ordinary and reminding me about the joys of having one small flower coming up. Today I am planning to harvest a lot of tomatoes….not enough for processing, but enough to share with friends. Blessings!

  • My day just started, but I love that my oldest was up (on his own) at 6:15 this morning and ready to drive into town with me. Although he read the whole way in (just started to read the Twilight series and was nose down in the book), I enjoyed the fresh air ride with him.
    I love that my VW bus project is almost completed and that I will be able to take a certain four year old camping. BTW, this has been a long time coming and contingent on dry nights which were accomplished last spring.
    Speaking of four year olds, I love great doctors, like the one that casted his arm yesterday! (I also love the resources to afford those services).
    I love that I was able to listen to my wife work through more homeschooling thoughts last night at midnight. Does she ever stop?
    I love that my first patient of the day is a breast cancer survivor and reminded me that time is short and that it truly is all about Jesus.
    I love your blog for reminding me to stop and remember these things!

  • It is always amazing when you can look through “new eyes” at things around you. This generally happens to me when I am well rested, content in where I am at the moment, and listen for the voice of the Lord. Then I feel that awesome awareness of how GREAT our God is. Thanks for this post.

    • Being content is so important. It’s a frequent theme here on the blog. It’s easy to get sidetracked, though, and it certainly is a reflection of how we’re handling our relationship with the Lord. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Sweet post! I love that I played in the hose with my daughter yesterday. The laughter was priceless! I love that I took the time to mix up some sugar cookie dough with my daughter. Just because she wants to try out a new cookie cutter. I love that I stayed up way to late because my husband had a lot to say. It is the simple moments that make me happiest!

  • I’m so glad your old kitty will get to continue sleeping on her favorite bench. 🙂