Copper’s Day Off & A Birthday

Copper and Aaron spent the better part of the day today cleaning out and reorganizing the ground floor of our small storage barn. The top of the barn holds all of our holiday decorations, camping equipment, etc., but the bottom serves as our overflow pantry. It’s where we keep the buckets of wheat, flour, sugars and other products I buy in bulk, along with our canned goods and cleaning supplies. When we run out in the house, we shop the storage barn!

Just as they were finishing up, I took out the 25 lb. sack of sugar that was in the house from our last Fortnightly Marketing Peregrination, and my husband bucketed it up for me. He’s good to me!

Will was helping, too, until he wandered into the house “not feeling too well”. I’m pretty sure his allergies were stirred up from all the dust in the barn, because he seemed to have quite a significant recovery a short while later.

Today was also Dani’s birthday! (Note to self – Time to shop for some birthday gift bags.)

We celebrated with dinner out for the whole family, and then back to our place for cake and ice cream. Simple. Quiet. Fun!

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5 comments to Copper’s Day Off & A Birthday

  • šŸ™‚ So glad you all had a good day! I don’t have a storage area for Doug to organize, but he is pretty handy – he emptied the huge bag of dog food into the rolling container in the kitchen! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ (oh and took me to chiropractor, cared for Ike, cooked supper and averaged the 3-week grades for his classes.) Yep – he’s a keeper too!!! šŸ˜‰

    Happy BD to Dani!

  • we typically take our birthday kid to dinner at the place of their choice and let them splurg! Thinking about starting some fall cleaning and painting of the house… soon winter will be here and we can rest up from our spring – fall activities… I love the picture of the yound man jumping on the trampoline and the tree in the back ground! beautiful!

  • Thanks for coming by for a visit. It made me drop by to visit you as well. I’ve missed your posts. Time for a catch up.

    ~Praying you’ve been well. Many blessings


  • That gift bag made my mom and me laugh out loud!

    • It was sad, Kendra … and funny… but mostly sad. We have bajillions of Christmas gift bags and no birthday bags. How did this happen?!?!