The Saturday Acrostic – October 15, 2011

The Saturday Acrostic – A week end review, using eight pictures and eight words in an acrostic format.

S – A – T – U – R – D – A – Y






Unbelievable! (The recipe is here.)

Mile High Sweet Cream Biscuit Recipe – They’re EASY Because I Cheat!

A few of you asked about the Mile High Biscuits from last week’s menu plan. This is so easy, I’m almost embarrassed to share it with you here. We’ll just pretend you asked about it over a cup of coffee as we shared a left-over Mile High Biscuit with jam, and then we’d […]


As often as possible, Corin and my grandbabies visit us on Thursday afternoon. During the summer, the afternoons were spent in the pool. Now that it’s fall, we will start bringing our Thursday afternoons back to their original purpose of being a “library” and craft day.

Today, though, the weather was glorious and it just […]

Church in a Box

The reality of starting a new church is that it is a lot of work. Yes, the work is a blessing, but it’s still work. Copper is, at present, the sole deacon for our new church plant. The majority of the practical stuff that needs to be done to make church happen from week to […]

Copper’s Day Off – Or Not

My alarm is set for 5:45 a.m. these days, but when the phone rings at 5:20, there’s no dropping back to sleep for another few minutes. A Sargent called this morning offering my husband an overtime shift at that very early hour, so I just got up, too. I was making my first big mug […]

Tasty, Tasty, Tasty

I’ve enjoyed this stretch of four weeks of trying lots of new recipes. With only one exception, everything we’ve tried has been quite tasty! I’m not one to hang onto years worth of back magazine issues, but I rank my Taste of Home collection the same as I do a much-loved cookbook. I keep coming […]

Fall, Organizing and Technology

Our fall weather arrived in fine style – cloudy skies, cooler days, chilly nights and, yesterday, some rain. I know some would prefer that summer last all year, but I enjoy the seasonal changes. It is, after all, God’s design.

I’m enjoying evening fires in the wood stove and having scented candles […]

It Finally Feels Like Fall

Less than a week ago, our temperatures were in the mid – high 90’s and we were running the air conditioner. Today’s high is forecast to be about 70, and the first fall rains are on their way. Yay!

I’m still freshening things up in our weekly menus. It might sound crazy to say […]