Church in a Box

The reality of starting a new church is that it is a lot of work. Yes, the work is a blessing, but it’s still work. Copper is, at present, the sole deacon for our new church plant. The majority of the practical stuff that needs to be done to make church happen from week to week is his responsibility. In fact, the trailer that contains all of the church’s equipment, kitchen supplies for the potluck, as well as a couple of dozen extra chairs (just in case) follows us to and from church each week. We’ve lovingly dubbed the trailer “church in a box”.

Once a week, the trailer needs to be partially unpacked and the storage tubs of supplies inventoried and refilled. When supplies run low, we go to town to buy more.

Copper did get a second overtime shift today, and, as it would happen, many church supplies needed to be purchased. Aaron helped me pull everything out and inventory it this morning, resupplying what we could. Then I headed to town to run a few church related errands for my husband and then to do the church shopping. I was gone for five hours!

When I returned, Dani and Aaron helped pull everything back out of the trailer, stock up the tubs that we’ll need for the coming Sunday, and help store the surplus toward the back of the trailer. We’re done until next week!

I was so thankful for my children’s help, but I’m tired! I was able to take care of a few essentials here at home before and after my trip to town, though, and my children filled in the slack in my absence in other areas. Busy day. So happy I could bless my husband by taking care of these things for him while he works a long, twelve hour shift.

Church in a Box! It’s how we roll!

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4 comments to Church in a Box

  • My church did this for several years and now we’ve planted and they’ve got THEIR trailer! Exciting times!! Lots of work FOR SURE. It looks like your children are learning alot about what it takes to plant a church!! What a blessing!! I just read a book you might enjoy. It’s called “Real Life Discipleship” by Jim Putnam. It really puts discipling in concrete terms, identifying and growing disciples…training them to lead and to minister in those areas where you are ministering. It has helped my parenting as well! May God bless you all as you continue to walk with and work for the King!
    ~Karen Twombly

  • May God richly bless you for your efforts. “putting Sunday morning together” is no easy task. It takes more prepartion than most people understand.

  • Steve

    I greatly appreciate all you and the kids do in my absence. You’re a blessing to me.


  • Cheryl,
    What a blessing you and the kids are to Steve and your church.
    Have a wonderful day.