Busy Circuits

You know that irritating, super fast busy signal you hear on the phone line when all the phone circuits in your area are in use? I hate that sound! In order to avoid hearing that sound constantly in my brain, as I live this life that God has placed before me, I’ve had to let go of a few things. Writing here was one of those things that I had to let go of for a season.



Copper has been working an incredible number of overtime shifts, and the kids and I are working hard to fill his big shoes and  do all of the things he would be doing here if he had normal days off. We are thankful for the overtime shifts, and I am increasingly thankful for my husband. Not only am I thankful for his willingness to work so hard to provide, but I’m also thankful for the multitude of things he normally takes care of around here when he’s home.



Our days of late have been filled with doctor appointments (nothing serious), birthdays (there are now two legally adult children in my home), oral surgeries (nothing serious), coughs and colds (nothing serious), raking leaves (almost constantly), making runs for animal feed and hay (backing the trailer up at the hay broker’s is NOT my favorite thing), joyously celebrating and praising God for our seventh grandbaby (due in July), sewing, knitting, reading and then there was all the decorating for Christmas to be done (with Aaron hanging the outside lights while Copper worked). We’re cooking and baking and keeping the wood stove burning brightly (at least on the days the county allows us to burn). It’s all been good because we know that God has us firmly in His loving hand.



This season of “busy circuits” is slowing ever so gradually. I’m hoping to be back writing here on a regular basis soon. In the meantime, though, I have been checking in on my Facebook page several times a week. I’d love it if you would join me there, too.



No one wants to experience that annoying “busy circuits” sound. Knowing what to let go of to avoid that sort of overload is an important way that we can look well to the ways of our own households.


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21 comments to Busy Circuits

  • Michelle W.

    I’m glad you were able to pop in and let us know you are well. Busy-ness I understand and that’s what I figured was keeping you from posting.

    Congratulations on the newest grandbaby–I will be praying that all will go well for Corin and baby.

    I don’t do the facebook thing, but do “borrow” my son’s account to check on a couple of friends occasionally, I’ll have to remember to check in on you too. 🙂

    • Thanks for your prayers for Corin and the baby she’s carrying! When you borrow you son’s account to check Facebook, be sure to check the Copperswife page, rather than my personal page. Thanks!

  • Jill

    So glad to hear from you. I have been checking in on your site and having seen that you were not posting, I surmised you were incredibly busy :). Congrats on the new grandbaby! What a blessing.

  • Michell

    Thanks for checking in! Hoping nothing was seriously wrong. What a great family to pitch in and get things done. Everyone taking care of everybody else. Enjoy this season of life. Hope you’re back to posting soon.

    • We’re trying to pitch in and keep up with the things that my husband usually takes care of, but we’re not doing a very good job! Thankful, though, for all of the overtime he’s getting.

  • Lovely pics, Cheryl! I have been missing you, but figured you were just needing to juggle all your other jobs and were not able to get here. I’m glad things will be slowing down a little bit for you – but then again, all the Christmas celebrations start up, so… ;o)

    I have not felt like blogging lately…and honestly, I don’t think anybody reads it besides the people who follow me on FB, Google+ and Twitter, so…ehhhhh. I think I’ll probably manage a post this week sometime, but I’m trying not to accept any mental pressure over it! 🙂

    The pic of Dani’s creation is really tempting me to give it a try for one of the holiday get-togethers we’ll be attending, Lord willing…it looks like a goodie that would be appreciated by my family.

    Lord bless,

    • I think more people follow your blog than you think, Alesha! The candy/cracker/snack (whatever it is!) that Dani made is way too good! Can’t. Stop. Eating. It. It went together quickly, too.

  • Corin

    I love you!

  • Hi Cherlyl,
    Good to hear all is well. I was ready to send a search and rescue team.LOL. Great news on the new grandbaby.

  • It is SO good to see you. 🙂

    I think I’ve told you before that I have the same picture of George Washington that you have, except my mat is brown. Christopher says he is going to steal it when he gets married (NOT).

    Congratulations on the new grandchild. I tease Stephanie about when we will be hearing an announcement since Anna is now eighteen months. She tells me her quiver is full but I also know how she gets when she doesn’t have a baby in the house, anymore. 🙂

  • Meg Linebarger

    What a perfect tree!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    Cheryl, missed you as always when you take a break but figured you were just busy with life. So excited to hear about the newest grandbaby! That is wonderful! Don’t know how you find time to blog with all you do anyway! It is always good to read when you do. You always make me want to get busy when I read your posts!

  • I have missed your writing too and am glad for the update. But I am also happy to hear that you know when to take a break from blogging! Congratulations on another grandchild and thanks for sharing those lovely photos!

    • Ack! The photos! I’m getting used to a new computer and, therefore, a new photo editing program. I laugh when I look at the picture of my Christmas tree. Not only can you see Will’s Gecko tank in the background, which is fine, but there’s also a whole bunch of electrical cords stretched across the floor charging nearby laptops! It cracks me up!

  • oh and that goodie you showed: the one using saltines..? that’s called *crack*. it’s addictive. yum.