Copper’s Day Off – Crunching the Numbers Edition

My husband was home today. Hooray!

We spent a good portion of the day adjusting our budget. It’s not a task either of us particularly relish.

 crunching the numbers

We are, quite happily, debt-free now, with the exception of our home. That made making the budget adjustments for rising utility and food costs a wee bit easier.

Our next step is to build our emergency fund to cover six months of living expenses. It sounds like a huge undertaking right now, but so did the thought of getting all of our debts paid off. That was accomplished much sooner than we anticipated, and we are thankful that the Lord provided the resources that made it possible.

Dani made my husband and I homemade Peppermint Mochas, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, just as we were finishing up. She’s sweet like that.

It wasn’t the most fun we’ve had on Copper’s day off, but it feels good to have the budget back in good order. Knowing where every dollar is going, and giving every dollar a job, is a tremendous way of looking well to the ways of our household.

Copper and I both highly recommend The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness. It’s hard work, but it’s a proven system that works!

How was your Monday?


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7 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Crunching the Numbers Edition

  • ‘dave ramsey’ .. so many elements of his financial plan are awesome and we follow them as well. sometimes we get a little off track and need reminders. today, you are that reminder. :o) thank you. and yes, not exactly a comfortable day off but oh so necessary to make your future days sweetly comfy. :o)

    and that dani chick. she *is* sweet. ;o)

    • We get off track, too. However, I’ve felt so much comfort this last year knowing that we have a small emergency fund. No more putting car repairs, replacing broken appliances, etc., on a credit card. Funny thing is, since that little fund has been in place, we’ve never touched it. Instead, the Lord has blessed us with funds to cover all such expenses. My only regret is that we didn’t get started on this path sooner.

  • Ace

    Well Hello Miss Cheryl, it has been awhile. Hope you are all well. It sounds like you are 🙂

    Congratulations! You can do it! It is amazing when you purpose together as a family with God’s help what you can do. I say this only to encourage you, not to brag. We are debt free except for our mortgage and have been able to purchase things with cash including cars while saving for our emergency fund. This is while I am home with Babies. The Lord makes a way everytime. The Lord even made the way to do this while my Husband had ZERO OVERTIME for a year! I couldn’t even tell you. We prayed, we did it, we took it serious.

    Of course, I grew up poor and then when we were not poor, I had no idea because my parents were so frugal and thrifty LOL. I can live on a penny if I have to and the Lord has provided stuff free all the time. You can do it. I can’t wait to hear how the Lord helps you.

    And for those struggling…we live in an area with the highest cost of living in the nation (if it isn’t first, it is darn close) massive taxes, etc. With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Of course. No one can figure us out LOL.

    Praise the Lord, last year we were able to reach our financial goals and sell our home at a profit and move into a very large home in a very rich area. Where we live, the old neighborhood had actually become dangerous and for security reasons we NEEDED to make the move to a specific area.

    People can’t believe it. We were taken aside more then once and “counseled” by people who were sure we had gone off the deep end. We had lived in very small homes for ten years and drive used cars and spend wisely. They assumed we were just as in debt as they were and could not believe we did this by choice.

    Yet they were partying their money away when we were working like dogs or cutting back to prioritize our expenses. They are not able to move past their very constrictive debt repayment plans and what they bought with that credit has long ago lost its luster.

    Some ask for us to help. Some just get angry. Which makes me angry. No one handed us anything. We WORKED, we gave things up, yet God ALWAYS provided. And I PRAISE HIM FOR IT.

    I can’t wait to hear some wonderful provisions that come your way! It feels AWESOME to meet those goals.

    I am working on the mortgage. I LIVE for that day when it is paid off. How amazing will that be LOL!

  • Jill

    So glad to hear you are now debt free. We are on a quest as well, and should be debt free by Mid-August.

  • Corin

    Yay! Congratulations!

  • tammy

    Congratulations!! What a relief and blessing to make this a lifesyle. Might you post the recipe for Dani’s peppermint mocha? It is a seasonal delight once every two weeks when i have tto go grocery shopping :-p! Would love to make them at home! So thankful to see you posting again.

  • We too are following Dave Ramey’s baby steps. We are still working on paying off our debt and have about 2 years left until we are debt free, except the house. We are even going to lead the future Financial Peace University classes at our church. So excited for you!