Copper’s Day Off – Red Couch Edition

Today was Copper’s day off. It’s been quite a long while since he’s been home with us on a Monday. All of the overtime he’s been working has been directed toward some needful things in and around our home.

 Hauling out the old furniture


Our big couch was in fairly good shape, the love seat only in fair shape, and my husband’s chair and ottoman…..well, let’s just say he was in grave danger every time he chose to sit down in that chair. I was sure he would sit down one day and end up in the middle of a pile of wood, foam and upholstery fabric.

 Living room on the driveway


We spent an entire day furniture shopping a few weeks ago, just to see what was out there and what we wanted and what fit into our budget. God blessed us not only with the overtime to buy some new things, but also timed a “we’ll pay the sales tax” sale with a great deal for paying in cash.

This morning, the guys took all the old pieces of furniture out to the driveway, and moved the coffee and end tables out of the way. Dani vacuumed the almost empty room.

 Empty living room waiting for new furniture.


Yep, it’s red! I love it! We’re still playing around with furniture placement. The guys have settled in to play some games this afternoon, though, so things will stay where they are for now.

Red couches

It was great to have my husband home for the day. He’s been working hours and hours of overtime, and I am so grateful for his working so hard to provide for his family.  I know he’ll appreciate being able to sit in his new recliner in the evenings to relax without worrying if he’ll wind up on the floor!

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11 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Red Couch Edition

  • I love the red! It looks great in your room too!


  • Corin


  • Bren

    Gorgeous!!! I LOVE the red!!!!!!! Looks very comfy too!

  • Hi Cheryl.
    Beautiful. Dave and I are saving up for a new sofa too. We have been looking around and found somethings we liked.
    Have a wonderful day.

  • It’s beautiful! I love the red!

    Stephanie replaced her white cottage style living room furniture (that could not stand up to being washed after kid #3 much less the others) with brown leather furniture.

    She loved it so much that when they finally had enough to buy furniture for the basement family room, she bought the same thing. She says it is almost kid proof. 🙂

  • Jill

    Love it. The room really pops with the red. Enjoy.

  • verrrry nice. love it!

  • Thank you, ladies. I have to admit to panicking, just a little bit, in the ten or eleven days between ordering the furniture and its being delivered. In my mind’s eye, that red became redder and brighter with every passing day! Seeing it come in the door yesterday, though, and now after living with it for a day, I am very, very pleased. Though it looks like “real” leather, it is actually a much less expensive bonded leather.

  • Ace

    Red leather, my kind of girl!

  • Oh my gracious! I can’t believe I missed this post with the RED furniture!!! I so LOVE it!!! Just beautiful!

    But, what I really had to laugh at was the gun safe! My daddy has one of those at his house…his is black though. Did you guys have as much “fun” getting it inside as he did? He finally resorted to a set of PVC pipes that he rotated from back to front as he “rolled” it into the back door! Those things are HEAVY!

    Yours looks nice in the white, though, behind the red furniture…very nice, indeed! 🙂


    • Alesha – Delivery was included when we bought it. Those fellas had a hydraulic dolly, which is a good thing as our front door is four steps up from ground level. The safe was put in that corner on the day it was delivered. I don’t know how we’d ever move it.