The Hundred Days

It’s not a secret that I love to read. I read from a wide variety of genre, including the occasional jaunts into a series of novels. Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin novels were one such series. There are twenty complete novels in the series, and I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them. Unfortunately, Mr. O’Brian died while he was penning the twenty-first book. I have no idea how many more books the series might have included, and I will be sad to part company with Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin as I finish the final book.

I recently finished The Hundred Days, which is the nineteenth book in this fabulous series. I’ve taken my time working through these books, not wanting them to end, but end they must. This next-to-the-last book is every bit as good as its predecessors. Mr. O’Brian gives us characters that we love, and some that we love to hate; and his plot lines are always clever, interesting and include just the right amount of humor. Before reading this series for yourself, please read my cautionary review  just to be sure that you understand what the books necessarily include.

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What books are you reading right now?


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3 comments to The Hundred Days

  • June

    Thank you for the thoughtful reviews! We haven’t read this series, so will add it to our TBR list. Do you use Its a lot of fun.

  • I must start reading these. I have the first of the series on my shelf. A few years ago PBS had a program about people who love this series. They were all very famous in their own right (like William F. Buckley, Jr.) and they discussed what it was about the books they loved.

    It also included a rare interview with O’Brian from his home. I’d love to see it again. It was like being included in a wonderful book club reading group.

    I’m reading Kisses for Katie (which was a Christmas gift) and The Gentlewoman’s Choice by George MacDonald, one of the editions edited by Phillips. A friend sent it to me a couple YEARS ago to get me interested in MacDonald’s books.

    So many books…

    • Brenda – The books are very good! I enjoy authors who can give such depth to their characters and unveil them, layer by layer, through a series of novels. I’ve only read a few of George MacDonald’s works over the years. hmmmmm…..maybe it’s time to add a couple more into my reading queue.