What Happened While I Was Looking

Today was the day that I planned to sign William up for baseball. He’s never played baseball, nor have any of my kids participated in any sort of team sports. We’ve all been excited, but nervous, about the whole thing. The early registration discount expires in the next couple of days, though, so I knew I needed to get busy. The registration was a simple, on-line form. I knew this because I peeked at the form on the web site the other day. Just before lunch today, I sat down to sign my boy up to play ball.

The simple form I spied on line the other day? Turns out, that was just the first page. I typed away, filling out the necessary info, running here and there to pull insurance numbers and debit cards out of my purse, opening new browser windows to find the address of the Kaiser facility we use, eating my lunch, giving a spelling test, checking the box that I will agree to sign a medical release form at try outs, assigning questions 1, 2, 4 & 5 in Will’s Bible lesson, checking the box that I agree to work some volunteer shifts for the league, eating more of my lunch, answering questions for Aaron, hitting the “submit” button on the form, reopening the second browser window to get the zip code for the Kaiser facility we use, hitting the “submit” button again……success!

messy school room desk

As you can see, life continued to happen all around me. When it was all said and done, my schoolroom work area was thrashed. In all truthfulness, it wasn’t in great shape when I started the registration process, but it was chaotic when I was done.

 stacks of stuff

Just fifteen minutes later, with one homemade peppermint mocha at hand (with whipped cream, thankyouverymuch), the desk was in good shape again. Yes, I still have a small pile of things to scan into Evernote for safe keeping and a couple of new issues of Taste of Home magazine to skim, but things are in MUCH better shape.


 school room desk cleaned up

The mess seemed HUGE, but in just fifteen short minutes, things were put back into their proper places. The desk was cleared, sprayed and wiped clean, the mocha was sipped, and things were put back in an orderly fashion. In fact, when I went to the laundry room to get the spray and a cloth to clean my desk top, I folded a load of laundry, too.

You can accomplish a lot in just a very short amount of time. I wrote more about that in this post.

Is there a big job in your home that’s bugging you? Try setting a timer for fifteen minutes and see if you can make a dent in it. You might surprise yourself and finish the whole job in that length of time!


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6 comments to What Happened While I Was Looking

  • Hi Cheryl.
    What a day I had. After reading your accepted post I pulled myself up and redeemed my day. I was booking right along and wham Dave called and he was having some medical issues and needed help. So he came home and I got my Bible and stuff together and then I drove him to the doctor. All the while saying to myself Don’t hold your plans too tight. I was able to sit peacefully at the doctors office reading my bible while I waited because I knew I was right where God wanted me for the day. No I wasn’t doing what I had planned but what God had plan for me. Thank you for your encouragement today.
    Elizabeth Q

  • Since I have a chronic illness, that is the ONLY way I can get things accomplished. I have a good friend who has an illness which also causes fatigue and I’ve been working with her for a year now to change from tackling huge projects in big junks of time to doing a little every day.

    I’m so glad you are writing more again. You have a gift for helping people find ways to live life better. 🙂

  • Jill

    When I looked at your desk, I so felt your pain. Good for you getting done ASAP and I know that peppermint mocha was a huge help 🙂 Life has gotten crazy lately and I have much cleaning and organizing to do. I think I will make myself a mocha cappachino and get started! Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings, Jill

  • yes, I am S*T*I*L*L trying to get my family room pulled back together after turning my office into our sons bedroom! STUFF everywhere, filing to do, I really need one of those Neatdesk gadgets! I love it when I get things done like you did! Just a wonderful sense of accomplishment!

  • Ace

    Your back! Glad you are doing well! I just got into coffee (ahem, because I am getting old and my youngsters are getting more and more energetic everyday) and I would love the recipe for that pepermint mocha thing you were drinking. I didn’t see it on your sidebar on your old site.

    Have a great weekend!