Calm in My Chaos

With Copper working a crazy amount of overtime, and baseball practices ramping up in preparation for the start of the season, life in my house has become busier than normal. Toss in the daily requirements of running a homeschooling household and keeping our orchards, vineyards, berries, etc. irrigated during this dry winter, and our days are full to the brim.

Focus Fabric for C's quilt

I know the old saying “When it rains, it pours”, but I think that the little extras that come our way in life only seem bigger and worse when we are already stretched thin. For example, after dropping my car off for some warranty/recall type repairs last night, Will’s coach emailed to schedule a special batting practice for today. When the phone rang this morning, calling Copper in for overtime, the day suddenly seemed impossible. I prayed. Friends prayed for us. My car was ready by noon and the dealer was kind enough to send his shuttle van all the way out into the boondocks to pick me up so I would have my car for the rest of the day. That “pouring” rain, was once again just a gentle sprinkle, and I know in my heart that it was God who calmed the storm of my day.

 Rotary Cutter & Blue Fabric

As I set goals for myself for this year, I included some quilting goals and some family goals, both concerning my grandchildren. With my youngest son only three years older than my oldest grandchild, I really can’t wait until my own nest is empty before doing things for, and spending special time with, my grandbabies. With that in mind, I set goals this year to begin making each of my grand babies a small, fun-size quilt and to plan at least one non-birthday outing with each of the children old enough to be away from mama for a few hours.

 Quilt Squares for C's quilt

I’m still a very, very novice quilter, but decided I might as well practice and develop my skills on quilts for the grandkids. These aren’t meant to be heirloom quilts, but just fun, drag around and wrap up in, quilts. My oldest grandson, who just turned ten, will get the first such quilt. He chose the colors red and blue, but indicating that he wanted mostly red.

I’ve been purchasing fabric for his quilt since fall, and final began cutting it yesterday. I had just finished cutting the last of the squares today when the shuttle driver arrived to pick me up.

 Quilt Squares & Strips ready to go

Measuring and cutting the strips and squares for my grandson’s quilt has been a nice diversion from the hectic pace that we’re keeping these days. I’m so thankful that the Lord led me to set those goals in January, before I knew how busy the year would become. If those goals were not already in place, I’d allow the “crazy-busy” season that we are now in to convince me that there isn’t time to start a quilt or to plan an outing with a grandchild or two. Having pre-determined goals reminds me of the things that are important to me, like finally getting the quilts for my grand babies started, and simultaneously brings some order and calm to my chaos.

Oh, and tomorrow Will, my two oldest grandsons, and I are headed out for an adventure at a hands on science museum, right in the heart of a “crazy-busy” week. Knowing what my goals are actually makes the outing a sweet, calm respite in the midst of chaos, and is another way that I can look well to the ways of my household.


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12 comments to Calm in My Chaos

  • Love red, white, and blue quilts! Can’t wait to see how it looks when it is finished! So glad everything worked out today. We took a ‘day off’ today and went to the Exploritorium, I think we all needed a break from our winter blues and routine. Have fun on your outing tomorrow!

  • Bren

    Anytime you can touch fabric in a creative way, calm will follow 😉
    Have fun at the museum today!!

    • Anytime you can touch fabric in a creative way, calm will follow

      I love that! I was a bit nervous looking at all of that fabric before cutting it, but it went quickly and now I can’t wait to lay all of those squares out, arrange them in rows and to start stitching.

  • The quilt is going to be beautiful!!! Praising the Lord with you that the day worked out a little better than expected. I had a day like that too, recently, and He was, indeed, ENOUGH for the day’s needs! He is so good!


    • Enough for the day’s needs! Always! I just read an article on this very thing. His grace is enough for the day at hand, and that’s all we need concern ourselves with.

      Hey! Kiss that boy of your’s head for me!

  • I love the thought that you are a novice quilter. So am I. I quilted a comforter for my bed about 5 years ago, and now just bought material to make a table-topper.

    • I’m enjoying learning quilting as I go. For right now, at least, piecing is my favorite aspect of quilting, but I think that I’ll grow to love the actual quilting process more as my skills develop.

  • God can make molehills out of mountains if we let Him. He said he’d never give us more than we could stand….too often I forget to stop and pray about it….

    I love the colors of the fabric.
    Mama Bear

  • Jill

    Wanted to stop in and say hi. I really miss your posts and hope you will be back soon! I also pray all is well.

  • TJ

    Though I’d drop by and catch up with your blog (which I enjoy very much! I had trouble leaving comments in the past but thought I’d try again…) but I see you haven’t posted in a while. I know you must be sooo busy and, if you’re like me, family before blogging. Hope all is well!~TJ

  • Michelle W.

    I just stopped by to let you know I’ve been thinking of you lately and missing your posting. I hope all is well with you and your family and look forward to a catch-up post whenever you find the time. 🙂
    Many blessings~